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Monday, December 03, 2012

What is Creation and Evolution...part two

Parts three and four of the Ian Juby series... 

After years of presenting various pieces of evidence supporting Creation and refuting Evolution, it made sense to find a series available online that brings so much of the information together and in multimedia form as videos.   Ian Juby's series fits the bill.   First post of the series about the Ian Juby series is found here.

Found at Wazooloo on YouTube and also as Christianima 

Also featuring Ian Juby = Genesis Week

Darwinism aka Evolution or Neo-Darwinism as you may prefer...all the same basic idea of millions and billions of years - deep ages - versus the Bible and the Biblical account of creation and the Garden of Eden and the first man and woman and the Fall and all the history therein.   We have a war between the hypotheses of men who had an agenda (to do away with God in society) under the pretense of "science" versus the Bible and the majority of scientists who came before them, men who accepted the Biblical idea of a Creator and thus believed the world would be a logical one and capable of being studied and understood.   

The battle boils down to either "God did it" or "Not-God did it."   Richard Dawkins would be fine with the idea that the organisms of Earth were all designed by space aliens who must have evolved elsewhere but cannot stomach the idea that God designed organisms and prefers "Not-God" or what I like to refer to as *poof*!    *Poof* is the basis for modern Neo-Darwinism, the unexplained power that creates from nothing and causes organisms to advance in opposition to the Laws of Thermodynamics when they do, in fact, accumulate mutations and are in decline.   Organisms are becoming less virile and more ridden with mutations, they are going extinct, this is what actually happens.  They don't just decide to grow wings or flippers!  Yet watching Dicovery Channel or Animal Planet one would think that they the unseen and unprovable past.   No one observes Darwinism happening today or at any time since Darwin first suggested the process.

Since *poof* is a terribly unscientific concept and illogical at that, because there is no natural power capable of creating the material Universe, time, physical laws, life, information and so on found in blind chance.   Actually, with no material Universe in existence there is nothing for blind chance to operate on or within.  If you study Big Bang theories, they cannot account for the "singularity" at the beginning of their stories nor can they ascribe to anyone or anything the power needed to make nothing explode into everything.  Furthermore the explosion is given credit for building various elements when you would expect that any explosion would cause havoc and not order?  On top of that, 96% of the supposed matter and energy in a Big Bang Universe has not been detected.  Are there actually black holes?   Is the ANYTHING that they teach in science classes these days real?

A Supernatural God as Creator and First Cause is logical and explains the existence of the Universe, time, life and information.  The Bible gives us a basic history of the human race and a very specific but not remarkably detailed account of Creation.   It is enough that God said He created, when, how long it took and what it was He made and in what order.   We may not yet be sophisticated enough to understand HOW He did it but one cannot demand how in order to accept that He did indeed create.   You certainly cannot grab *poof* and get answers from it!

Anyway, the Juby series will be useful for those who want an introduction to the Creation versus Evolution narrative and will be a basis for further discussions down the line.

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