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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Get ready for it....Question Evolution Day!!!

 February 12th, 2013

You should question evolution EVERY day until you have figured out it is a complete, gigantic, ridiculous and fact-free preposterous con played on the world by an assortment of people driven by religious purposes to burden science with unfounded claims.   Some because they do not want to even consider the idea of God, some because they want to follow their basest desires and figure evolutionary ideas support their warped urges, some because they have simply swallowed what they have been taught without question and then barf it back up to you on command.   I wonder how many of the leading Darwinists KNOW they are lying and how many are themselves fooled?  In many cases it is probably a bit of both.

Here is an announcement from a fellow Creationist friend.  Go, read, enjoy!

Get Ready For Question Evolution Day!

By the way, an hypothesis that ignores settled scientific laws (Thermodynamics and Biogenesis among them) is unsustainable.  Darwinism, you are doomed!