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Sunday, January 06, 2013

What is Creation and Evolution and Who Cares? Part 9! The Chinese three wise men edition.

So Ian Juby's videos are wonderful, covering the vast array of basic points of contention between creation proponents versus the myths of evolution.

Did you ever wonder why the "three wise men" traveled from the East and they knew that a great King was to be born and how they knew that?    Did you know that the Chinese language seems to support the Bible and that the Chinese knew the name of Noah's wife?  

The Miao (or Miatso/Miatsu are other names I have seen in research) people of China seemed to have preserved a large segment of the Bible in their historical documentation and have a tradition of reciting the beginning of all things and mankind during major events.   How can Darwinists explain this?

Can you answer the hard questions Ian asks, the challenges to explain the improbabilities and impossibilities of Darwinism, the lies, the intentional fraudulent information presented as fact by the ruling Darwinist paradigm?  Keep in mind that this series was made just before EXPELLED was released and we have now advanced our knowledge of organisms and fossils and the makeup of the Solar System - the new discoveries are hostile to evolution.   More to come...


christian soldier said...

my Chinese friends seem to know the Bible better than many of my US friends--interesting...

radar said...

Carol, isn't it odd that the Chinese knew as much of God as the Jews did back in the day? Nearly as much, at least. I for one did not know that "Queen" came from the name of Noah's wife. The Bible does not list her name, but the Chinese kept it. Ian Juby's videos in my last post go in depth about the Miao people of China and their knowledge of the contents of Genesis as well as their genealogy that begins with Adam (Dirt). I have to also look into Confucius and his possible knowledge of a coming King (Christ) which was shared apparently by many in ancient China. From whence came the Wise Men? How did they know the Great King was due to be born in lowly Bethlehem in far off Israel?

Virtually all cultures at least have the name of one of Noah's three sons listed as a great forefather if not Noah himself. Japheth is Jupiter for those who are familiar with mythology. Bill Cooper did a great job of showing the family lines of the English and Scandinavian peoples and their lineage going back to Japheth. Japheth's family went West towards Asia and North to Europe. Shem's line stayed in the Mediterranean area and Ham went South. There is evidence of the lines of Shem, Ham and Japheth all reaching the North and South American continents at different times by differing means, at first by land bridges and later by ship.

Bill Cooper's book is available online and it is in my links list.

radar said...

As usual, deafening silence from Darwnists who hate this information as it is more dirt thrown on the coffin of Darwinism. The world will be a far better place when it is finally dead and buried and forgotten!