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Sunday, June 02, 2013

A moment of clarity on this simple blog - I am the superior Astrobiologist, the Panspermian Pantheist who will free your mind!!!

I do have both pity and a bit of respect for this Radar fellow, but he is far too predictable...he goes to church on Sunday and therefore his blog is vulnerable.  I, with my superior intellect and resources, have decided to have mercy on his readership and clear up some misconceptions.

Radar, to give him credit, does at least see how ridiculous evolution is.   But he is otherwise quite misdirected, to be kind, in that he believes in one god that was the creator of the Universe.   The Universe is far too great to be created by one god.   Au contraire, my friends, it is the Universe that is the creator of gods upon gods!  The Universe also created you.

Humanity on this planet is quite frail and primitive.  You have only begun to morph into your most primitive god-like forms now.  Soon you will begin to improve your DNA string and develop the ability to utilize telekinesis and telepathy and at that point you will approach true godness.   Eventually you will learn to travel throughout your own galaxy and perhaps a few million years from now, you will be able to travel beyond your little galaxy and be, as am I, able to travel around the Universe and begin to teach other primitive people to learn to develop themselves by learning to read and rewrite their own DNA.

I must not reveal myself fully to you, lest you worship me as a god and frankly I simply don't have the time or inclination to loll around in such a backwards area of the Universe.  But hopefully this video will begin your transformation towards becoming more than you are now.  

I am quite sure Radar will be frustrated to learn that he is quite incapable of removing this post from his blog.  It was easy to plant this here and I will be amused for some time at his dilemma.  Will he blow up his entire blog to erase my words of wisdom?  Or shall I tell you what I already know will happen?  Radar is far too fond of his blog to erase it and will therefore leave this post in place.   He may deny that it should be found within its pages and deny any knowledge of its origin.  But my words will remain here and be of comfort to those of you with more adventurous and advanced brains than his.

You who understand that Astrobiology is a critical science will also potentially be the greats of your time, learning to manipulate your DNA and make earthkind more advanced.   You are simply infants as people now, but I have confidence that this will change.  In fact, I know this, for as you may well imagine, I actually can see into your future.  You will be as gods!   Just reach out for that DNA and you will see for yourselves...

Farewell, Earth People!!!


Cowboy said...

"Three men in black said, 'Don't report this!'...He's found the saucer news!"

radar said...

Cool,even some Frank Frazetta pics? That youtube RAWKS!