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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Beauty is Truth and Truth, Beauty. The remarkable creatures designed by God reveal the tragedy of Charles Darwin's foul hypothesis! It has drained from the propagandized an appreciation for the Creator's art ...

If you have watched the "Planet Earth" series or have it on DVD, you have seen this mating dance and the amazingly beautiful and bizarre displays of the male.  The Darwinist propaganda is standard fare.   Here in the middle of the USA we do not have Birds of Paradise.   But we see wonders nonetheless...

Three weeks ago the trumpet vine on the back deck had just begun to bud and the first hummingbird of the season showed up to hover over the black steel shepherd's crook of the hummingbird feeder like a neglected customer at a diner.   Within a week the leaves had filled out the vine, my wife had the feeder full and another hummingbird showed up.   We had a line of sparrows and blackbirds and doves sitting on the cedar fence and the gravel of the dog run,  seeking to get at the seed-filled feeder above the dog run.   The birds have learned to make a line and take their turn.

Our willow tree is full and towering higher than the house and the maple and beech trees in front are in full leaf as well.   The perennials in the flower gardens and the bushes are quickly coming to flower and send pollen and seeds into the air.  Wisps of cottonwood puffs fly past when the breeze picks up.

An organic work of art landed on a screen window downstairs and I studied him, perhaps the first butterfly to venture into our yard in 2013, a Painted Lady:


Last night a fat toad sat on the front walkway close by his den between the holly bush and a perennial.   He did not show any fear of us, for we leave them alone and let them flourish.   The porch lights were off in the area and we could see the countless lights of the Milky Way spread across the arc of the night.

Creation was fully beautiful and fully true before it became subject to sin and death.   Even now one can see it clearly in the wonder of the hummingbird's flight or the artistry of a human inspired to create.   Thus Keats was inspired to write these words:  "Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know."

Thus is God seen in every new bud and baby bird and platoons of robins hopping and listening on patrol in neighborhood yards.  He is seen in the remarkable Monarch butterfly.   If only Darwin had come to North America and tried to follow the Monarch around, he would have cast aside his notes and borrowed ideas and realized that evolution was utterly impossible.   He didn't know and couldn't know what the story of the monarch was...but you can and should.   Once you do know it, you must make a choice.  Will you choose truth and beauty or insist upon lies and despair?

Telling my grandsons about the Monarch, it is a story of wonders and mystery, rebirth and permanent change like Jesus dying and coming back to life, like me turning from party animal to Jesus freak.  Nature was meant to mirror God but after the fall it tells both sides.   The snarl of the Mountain Lion is the echo of Satan's sneer but the joyous barking of my dogs playing in the yard is like cries of elation upon knowing that you know God.  Billions of organisms dying, many in agony as they are torn apart by predators, perhaps turned into playtoys by big cats while their lifeblood leaks out onto the ground.  Meanwhile thousands of young couples gather in ceremonies to join their lives together, deeply in love, seeking to have years of love and children and adventures.

Life in this fallen world is sometimes a slap in the face.  Most of us find times of hardship are inevitable.  Young couples and their families will often face hospital stays and times when there is no money.  Sometimes you eat corn meal mush for supper and hunt in the couch for coins to afford to buy a gallon of milk.  Sometimes you get laid off and have to scrounge odd jobs to make a living until the factory calls you back.  Sometimes you have slaved to gain your college degree and then find that no one is hiring in your field and you either flip burgers or live in the basement at the parent's house.

Sometimes you stand on top of the world and look around, like when my wife and I stood atop Diamondhead and surveyed Oahu and breathed in the wonderfully spiced ocean breath of the tropical air.  Love is the best drug in the world.  It heals and lifts you up, it sends you soaring into pure joy and it holds you up when you have used up your own strength.  I remember my wife and I were so happy on our wedding day that we couldn't keep a straight face for wedding photos because we wanted to just laugh and laugh.  Life is interesting for anyone who cares to see!

Do you know about the Monarch butterfly of the Eastern USA?   Millions of them winter in an obscure area of central Mexico, the Transvolcanic mountain area, 9,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level, clustered on Oyamel pines by the millions.  


When spring is nigh they begin to head north, drinking plant nectar and water as they go, eventually mating, laying eggs on milkweed plants and dying.   But Monarch eggs do not hatch and become Monarch butterflies, they hatch caterpillars that eat the milkweed (poisonous to most organisms) leaves and then eventually clasp onto a leaf and begin to become a chrysalis.  Now, a chrysalis is like a tomb where the caterpillar dies and the vast majority of it becomes organic mush that reforms into new cells that become an entirely different creature, a Monarch butterfly.   That butterfly then continues the journey north and then lays eggs as dies, leaving another bunch of caterpillars to then become numbers of chrysalis hung until becoming another bunch of butterflies.  


So the butterflies in Mexico may transition like this as they move North:  Butterfly-egg-caterpillar-chrysalis-butterfly-egg-caterpillar-chrysalis-butterfly-egg-caterpillar-chrysalis-butterfly as the population moves from Mexico to the far North.   Butterflies in Northern Michigan and Wisconsin or Southern Canada, having had two, three, even four generations of the rebirth cycle between themselves and the original wintering population will be different.  Called the "Methuselah Generation," these butterflies will not mate and lay eggs and die. They will start flying South and follow flyways they've never known and wind up back on those Oyamel pines like their great-grandparents (depending on how many generations involved in each particular butterfly being produced) clung to the previous November and begin to overwinter just like their ancestors.


Tell me, Darwinist, how does evolution even begin to address this organism?  Butterflies don't mate and produce more butterflies.   Caterpillars don't mate and have little caterpillars.  What kind of organism builds and enters it's own tomb and comes out something entirely different?  How do the offspring of offspring of offspring know to travel back to the very same wintering grounds Monarchs have used for, as far as we know, ever since the Flood of Noah?

Butterflies and moths of myriad varieties have similar stories, with a crawling multi-legged vegetation-muncher becoming a chrysalis or cocoon becoming a beautiful winged creature, most of  them living on a diet of nectar from flowers.   Every year there are cocoons and chrysalis hung throughout the woods and fields of the Midwest and I used to love to find them and put them in a box, waiting to see what would come out.  Once I had one that became a huge Prometheus moth and I tried (as a young boy) to feed it and keep it but such creatures were not meant for captivity.


Do you notice the Prometheus appears to have eyes on its wings?  Butterflies and moths are another canvas upon which God has written the Gospel.  A study of creation finds that information and irreducibly complex structures and motors and systems are everywhere.   A study of natural laws finds them to be fine-tuned for life on Earth and only on Earth.  But a study of creation also finds wonderful patterns and colorful creatures and organisms that are frankly simply amusing or amazing to view.   Simply studying a Platypus causes one to wonder how such a mish-mosh of design features could even be and yet, it is amazingly and wondrously complex.  Observing the fluorescent lighting of the deep sea creatures that never come near the surface of the oceans is a marvelous light show that makes anything man-made seem prosaic by comparison.  Nature did not make itself as Darwinists insist, it is a creation that was perfect in its original form and still fully of breathtaking beauty after thousands of years of devolution.

Photographer Kjell B. Sandved discovered a butterfly with an "f" on its wing and had a revelation...there must be an alphabet that is spelled out by nature!  He has found far more than that!

from Kjell's website

Illustra Media made a wonderful DVD about the Monarch

Pontius Pilate asked Jesus Christ, "What is truth?"  To quote the Bible, "Thy Word is Truth."  Jesus the Son of God is the Living Word and the Bible is God's written Truth presented to mankind.   But the Universe is a work of art signed by God and secular science ignores the beauty and tries to contend that no easel, no palette, no brush and no creative mind was involved in producing it.  So we see that Darwinists are not just anti-science and deliberately illogical and deceptive, they are too crude to appreciate truth and beauty and give glory to the Creator thereof.  Darwinism, you are not only ignorance, thou art crass!

I leave you with a few videos about the world under the sea, a place less known to us than the Moon and the deepest jungles of the Congo.  The Law of Biogenesis and the laws of statistics and chemistry prohibit even one simple organism arising by chance.   We do not know how many millions of kinds of organisms there are on Earth.   Since the odds are stacked against even one ever having evolved and the science says that even one never COULD have happened by natural means, how can any thinking human believe even one aspect of Darwinism?

A better look at the Vampire Squid is here.

If you ignore the Darwinist propaganda, a look at the world normally unseen beneath the ocean waves reminds us that God is remarkably creative and even these organisms only reproduce after their kind and yes, there was plenty of water to completely flood the Earth.