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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Leftists Want to Silence the Opposition

You might think it's just a bad joke, but it happens. People on the left, including militant atheists and evolutionists, political leftists, whatever, want to silence the opposition. Since they cannot defeat Christians, creationists and conservatives through logic, science and reason, they find other ways to try to silence us.

Some try to simply downplay our ideals and convince others that we have nothing worthwhile to say. There are those who try to convince places like Facebook to suspend our accounts. Then there are those who hate God, Christians, Conservatives, creationists and so on so much want to silence us permanently.

I've seen it, and even been on the receiving end. Yes, it happens. Just ask Matt Walsh.

To my leftwing friends: 
Last night, someone sent me an email threatening to murder me because they disagree with my opinions. It read, in part: 
“F*ck you… I will find a way to kill you. Make no god d*mn mistake, you filth.” 
Concise. Eloquent. And now on file with the state police. 
After I reported the threat to law enforcement, I didn’t pay it much mind. But then, a few minutes ago, I received this message from someone else: 
“Matt, you are so filled with hate in everything you write. You are part of the reason why conservative teabaggers in this country are nothing but hate mongers and bigots. Do you want to know why I’m a “liberal”? Because liberals know how to make a point without being hateful and spiteful.(Emphasis mine). 
I laughed quite heartily when I read that. Perfect timing. Mere hours after someone called me ‘filth’ and announced their plan to end my existence all because of my beliefs, I’m informed that these are precisely the people who ‘know how to make a point without being hateful and spiteful.’
Read the rest of the narrative at "This person is planning to kill me in order to teach me that I shouldn’t be mean and hateful".