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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Secular Scientists Make a Hard Left

Science has become increasingly religious in nature, and Scientism is on the increase. People are enamored with what science can do (turning "science" into some kind of entity, which is the fallacy of reification), and scientists are looked upon almost as if they were priests of this religion. Doubtless, many scientists want to just do science stuff, but others seem to like the illegitimate status they are accorded.

Evolution is a foundation for many kinds of evil thinking and practices, and it is equivocated with science; if you dispute particles-to-people evolution, then you are labeled as a "science denier". Similarly, evolutionary thinking is at the root of global warming hysteria (again, if you deny global warming, you are a "science denier"). People believe in evolution and global warming because scientists said so, and scientists must be right. Right?


Much of the political spectrum around the world is decidedly leftist. The United States is becoming more so every day. The secular media has a blatant leftist bias, misrepresenting biblical Christianity and Conservatives. (One example is the way an article about George Washington Carver conveniently neglected his faith, which was the most important thing in his life. Another is how Bill Nye the Propaganda Guy is revered by leftist media as an expert in evolution, global warming and other things.) The high priests of Scientism (who are almost all Darwinists) are supported by the media and politicians in upholding causes that not only uplift leftist ideology, but attack biblical Christianity. These scientists are pontificating on matters that do not concern real scientists, and the ruling elite are ignoring and even suppressing contrary views by other scientists.

You can read details and several examples at "Secular Scientists Continue to Push Leftist Agendas".