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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Is Racism a Product of Evolution and Genetics?

It is an established fact that evolution has been used to "scientifically" justify racism. Nobody is saying that evolutionary thinking causes racism, it's just that the two work so well together. In fact, racism is a natural extension of evolution. In fact, our political views are evolutionary as well. Notice how leftists see people as groups and not as individuals?

Today, it is politically incorrect in most places to be a racist, and evolutionists have been distancing themselves from their own racist past. Then someone writes a book and says that racism is a natural result of evolution, and that it is in the genes. Oh, boy. The evolutionary community is upset that someone is taking evolution to a logical result that makes them look bad. Meanwhile, Bible believers know that there is only one race, and ridiculous scientific interpretations toward racism are unconscionable.
A well-known science writer is in hot water for linking evolution to alleged differences in racial abilities. But where will his evolutionary critics run?

Geneticists and evolutionists are stepping on themselves to condemn Nicholas Wade’s politically-incorrect new book, A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History, where the author makes links between alleged racial inequalities in IQ to evolution, concluding that’s why African countries can’t handle democracy. Writing for Nature, Ewen Calloway reports that “More than 130 leading population geneticists have condemned a book arguing that genetic variation between human populations could underlie global economic, political and social differences.” Ditto for Michael Balter, reporting in Science Magazine that “Geneticists decry book on race and evolution.
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