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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Your Inner Mechanisms and Emergencies

You're alone out on the trail tracking outlaws. Something catches your eye, so you dismount and walk away from your horse. Suddenly, you hear a rattlesnake making it's annoyance known. Maybe your first thought is regret that you chose to go it alone, but then your inner system kicks in.

We are equipped by God for survival during emergency situations. What is going on inside?
Grizzly Bear / US National Park Service
Or you fall into a ravine and it's getting very cold, and help is a long way off. While you pray and wait, your system starts doing things to keep you alive.

Sure, you can learn some things from shows like "So You Think You'd Survive", but you don't always have time to think. And your brain is sending signals to your body that may circumvent the thought processes. Our Creator has given us many built-in mechanism for our survival, things that evolution cannot explain.
You never know what unexpected danger might put your life on the line. But God knows, and He has equipped every human with backup systems that are programmed to respond to all sorts of emergencies.

Astronauts shivering in a broken-down spacecraft far from earth. A woman falling off a cliff. A backpacker encountering a furious bear at a bend in the trail. How could these people possibly survive?

Each depended on incredible biological emergency systems to stay alive.

We live in a cursed world where dangers lurk around every corner. Recognizing the potential threats to our lives, God provided our bodies with contingency plans, ready to activate at a moment’s notice. Whatever extra energy or infusion of chemicals our bodies need, whatever quick changes are required for us to make quick decisions or conserve precious resources, the brain is always ready to act.
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