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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

T-Rex Brain Wrecks Bird Evolution

There is already a great deal of scientific data refuting dinosaur-to-bird evolution. Now comparison of bird and T-rex brains makes matters worse for evolutionists.

Despite historic data, scientific evidence, and common sense, some evolutionists insist that dinosaurs evolved into birds. If you study on it a mite, you'll realize that the idea of something as complex as feathers evolving from scales, the evolution of flying ability, the claim that bird-hipped dinosaurs are not the ones to evolve into birds instead of lizard-hipped, complete rearrangement of internal organs — nope, that dog don't hunt. Add to this an examination of a T. rex brain cast compared to the brains of birds, you'll see that more and more evidence shows that birds and dinosaurs were created separately, and it makes no sense to believe in dinosaur-to-bird evolution.
Evolutionists insist that dinosaurs evolved into birds, despite the strong evidence against it.1 One of the portrayed misconceptions concerns the brains of large predatory dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex that have been depicted as similar to the brains of their bird “descendants.” However, CT scans of T. rex skulls give scientists additional details of its brain cavity, demonstrating its large olfactory lobe (for smell) and an overall shape that is much more similar to modern alligators than birds.

Bird brains have a completely different shape from those of dinosaurs and reptiles, with a larger section for processing data. Birds have to do more than sense a food source; they have to be able to discern one food source from another. Alligators merely smell something and snap at it without thinking. Not only is a bird’s brain shaped differently, but pound for pound relative to body weight, the typical bird brain is much larger than a typical reptile brain by nearly an order of magnitude (or ten times).
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