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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Global Warming: Yes AND No

One of the most polarizing issues today is global warming. No, wait. Since there is no global warming, it's become "global climate change". No, wait. Yes, there is global warming, but not in the way the alarmists want people to think. They pitched their tent in an arroyo, flash flood of reality came along, so it's time to ride up on a hill and get a bigger view.

Man-made global warming is a myth, and there is no appreciable change in climate over the last several years. However, the big picture is "yes", with qualifications.

The global warming alarmists (usually leftist politicians with an agenda, and people with an evolutionary worldview) use a great deal of emotion to rail against those who disagree with their views (including calling us "deniers"), but the science is not conclusive. 2014 was called the "warmest year on record" using biased and disreputable "science". Al Gore was in a rhythm promoting global warming (which can be called an Algore Rhythm...get it?), and made hysterical predictions that were not true — especially that bit about the North Pole becoming "ice free" by 2014. He's not a scientist, just a false prophet. There are scientists who are on record for denying global warming, but they seem to be waved off by popular emotion-driven opinion.

There's no anthropogenic global warming, and there nothing appreciable in the last 15 years. In fact, there were scares in the 1970s that there was going to be another ice age from global cooling! What's the view from the hill we rode up on to get, anyway?
There continues to be a furor over climate change. Some are convinced that our climate is fragile, that human activities are causing dangerous changes to the climate, and that immediate corrective action is essential. Others are skeptical. The skeptics, like me, believe that some of the claims are not well supported by the evidence. Emotions run high as some advocates for corrective action label the skeptics as “deniers” because they are so certain those dire consequences are imminent. The skeptics are often infuriated with the advocates because they are worried that higher energy costs will unnecessarily lower the standard of living for everyone. Clearly, climate change is not purely a scientific question. Emotions only run this high when the issue will affect how we live. In this political debate, the issues have become clouded (pun intended), and the facts are often ignored.
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