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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ecology and Humanity's Effects

Nobody can pretend that people have not been harmful to the environment. But from an evolutionary standpoint, so what? We're at the top of the pile, doing that "survival of the fittest" thing, so we're doing what seems right in our own eyes. Logically, an evolutionist has no right to complain, no consistent standard on which to base his complaints.

Nobody can pretend that people have not been harmful to the environment. But from an evolutionary standpoint, so what?
Image by Clarita / morgueFile
Let's saddle up an analogy for a romp around the corral, shall we? Since so many people are so hell-bent on finding something to be offended about, I'm going to make up a minority group and call them the carbonites, since we're all carbon-based life forms according to V'ger. Well, the carbonites have a high crime rate. The steal, murder, use illegal drugs, plagiarize authors, troll the Web, and do all sorts of nasty things. Stupid, too. But there are good carbonites as well, church-going, charity-giving, helpful, hardworking, intelligent. Well hey, you can't condemn the entire ethnic group because of the actions of a few. Yet, there are some environmentalists who condemn all of humanity because of the actions of others, and ignore those who are doing good things for the environment.

Atheists and evolutionists do not have a consistent foundation for their worldviews, so when they say something is "wrong", they are appealing to a higher standard: God the Creator. That's where we're coming from. We believe in being good stewards of Earth as is taught in the Bible.
By driving some animals extinct, are humans damaging the whole planet? Who will be the judge?

Several news articles recently have worried about the harm people are doing to animal species. A look through history, though, shows that humans have always done this. Roman emperors rounded up African wild animals for the arenas. It’s possible that humans were largely responsible for the disappearance of large mammals in North America. In our time, poachers are driving elephants and rhinos extinct unless they can be stopped. But if humans are products of evolution, who is to say these are evil practices?

Certainly many humans are righteously concerned about endangered species, and are investing their lives in saving them. Conservationists have been shot by poachers. If a tiny percentage are killing elephants, can you fault the whole population?
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