The Changing Face of the Early Man Timeline

Seems like the established order of when certain early humans appeared changes faster than Pony Express relay riders. Somebody finds bones, teeth, artifacts, and whatnot, and things get rearranged. Repeatedly. For instance, we get the Neanderthals out of "order" repeatedly because of newer findings (the randy rascals bred with "modern" humans in a variety of places, and their DNA is fully human). Other things that were considered human were reassigned as fully human, fully ape, or just plain wrong.

The human evolution timeline keeps changing rapidly. Another find causes a new shuffle of who goes where in the fantasy of evolution.
Image credit: "Smile" by rikvrijman / openclipart
There's been another misdeal. Everyone give back your cards...yes, even the one you stuck up your sleeve, we all saw you...and there's going to be a new shuffle and deal. Teeth were found in China that are bothering paleoanthropologists. Let's hope they don't have another Nebraska Man fiasco on their hands. Know why this silliness happens? Because much-to-museum-curator evolution is fantasy, and science supports special creation, that's why.
Is the truth in the teeth? Modern-looking human teeth in a Chinese cave create improbable migration patterns and dates.

The old story: modern humans emerged out of Africa 40,000 years ago and conquered the Neanderthals.

The new story: modern humans migrated to south China 80,000 to 120,000 years ago, but not into north China; that’s where the simpletons hung out. Then, 40,000 to 80,000 years later, the moderns decided to go west into Europe after the Neanderthals started committing collective suicide or starved, unable to support themselves as they had for up to half a million years. The moderns married some of the Neanderthals and had kids that became us, but shoved the others out and moved into their caves. They didn’t think about civilization for another 30,000 years but made some nice art, some of it as good as Picasso. Does this make any sense?
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