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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Phosphates and Uniformitarian Assumptions

Phosphates (natural compounds containing phosphorus) are used in detergents, industry, and agriculture. Some of it comes from guano, and there's money in it, as referenced in the Ian Fleming novel Dr. No, and in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (Ventura said to the bad guy, "You want that dookie so bad you can taste it!") Who would've cognated that bird and bat poo could be not only useful, but valuable?

Naturalistic uniformitarian assumptions about the accumulation of nitrates are used to "refute" the biblical timeline. The assumptions are based on inaccurate and incomplete science.
Nauru map, CIA World Factbook
My sources in the Central Intelligence Agency informed me (all right, I looked it up online in the World Factbook) that the tiny island of Nauru is the world's smallest independent republic in the United Nations. Not much going for it, not even tourism, but it does have phosphates. Uniformitarian assumptions are that the deposition takes millions of years, so the biblical timeline from the Genesis Flood must be wrong. However, people making such assumptions are neglecting the fact the bird droppings are not the only source of nitrates.
Today’s feedback is from G.S. from Australia who said:
I have just been challenged by an atheist/evolutionist who claims that the large phosphate deposits in places like Nauru could not have come about in thousands of years—but only in millions of years. Are you aware of any articles or information which might be relevant?
CMI geologist Dr Tas Walker responded:
To see Dr. Walker's reply and analysis, drop in on "The phosphate deposits on Nauru, western Pacific Ocean".