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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Shrinking Evolutionary Logic on H. Floresiensis

Evolutionists have been attempting to explain the "hobbit" fossils of Flores, Indonesia with little success. Part of the problem is that there isn't much to work with, and another problem is their diminutive stature that gave rise to their nickname. Then, more bones were discovered.

He'll be really angry when he learns that diagrams show evolution progressing from dark-skinned to white.
Darwinoids are presenting a passel of stories that have no evidence, plus some implied racism. When new bones were discovered, the owlhoots re-dated their finds so they would fit more conveniently into their paradigm. Let me see if I understand this: Homo erectus folks had been busy evolving, moved a long way across the water to Flores, and then shrunk, even faster than evolutionary terms expect. Right. That'll be the day! Don't insult our intelligence, mmmkay?
Indonesian fossils extend evolutionary timeline but create new problems.

It’s been 12 years since researchers found a skull and some bones of diminutive people in Liang Bua Cave on the island of Flores, Indonesia. Evidence indicated the creatures used tools and walked upright, but their small stature, about 1 meter in height, startled everyone. The finds were assigned to a new genus of Homo, H. floresiensis, and declared to be descendants of Homo erectus that had migrated onto the island and shrunk in size due to “island dwarfism.” A big problem was that the fragments were initially dated at just 18,000 years old, far too young for human ancestors. Later efforts moved the date back to 60,000 years, but the discovery prompted a decade of efforts to fit these bones into an evolutionary scenario.

Now there are new bones. When Nature released a paper this week about new fragments of bone found in the area, and provided another Nature paper about the date and context of the bones (re-dated at 700,000 years), the media flew into action:
To finish sizing up this article, click on "More Hobbit Bones Found". ADDENDUM 7-17-2016: Additional information was recently published, and can be found by clicking on "Hobbits of Flores Were an Archaic Human Variety, Studies Suggest".

Storytelling (with a bit of racism) and convenient re-dating of fossils make the H. floresiensis discovery an embarrassment to evolutionists, and insult the intelligence of all but the most gullible.