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Sunday, February 04, 2018

Bicycle Wheels, Evolution, and Pantheism

Although a decent bicycle is affordable for most people, bicycle racing for prize money requires some expensive and specialized equipment. Research has been done on aerodynamics, as well as making the frames themselves both stronger and lighter. The wheel design is also extremely important, as crosswinds can be dangerous, whether indoors or on the open road. 

A bicycle wheel was inspired by the humpback whale, but credit was given to "nature", not the Master Engineer
Credit: Pixabay / John R Perry
Biomimetics is the concept of taking what is found in nature and applying it for our use. I can just imagine a scene in a Zipp Speed Weaponry meeting where they were looking for inspiration to improve bicycle wheels. "You're taking inspiration from the lumps on the pectoral fins of humpback whales? Sure, that's the first place to look!" They were able to make a successful and safer wheel, and see them around $1,800 USD for just the front wheel. You'd better be a well-heeled or sponsored serious racer to buy those, pilgrim.

Unfortunately, they were not considering that organisms in nature were designed, so these owlhoots got all pantheistic on us and gave credit to "nature", as if it was a person (fallacy of reification). Hail Darwin, blessed be! Nature does not select or evolve something for a purpose, though many people act that way. Give the Master Engineer credit, you savvy? It makes far more sense to approach life from a design perspective rather than a Darwinian death cult worldview. 
The report on Zipp’s new wheels is a clear example of how evolutionists are content to plug a massive void of empirical evidence with their faith that nature somehow exercises agency, “At the unveiling of the 454s in London Wednesday night, Zipp engineers repeatedly turned to the idea of biomimicry, an old concept of approaching engineering problems by looking to how nature has solved them.” But nature can’t solve anything because it has no mind or will—it can’t think, plan, or build.
To read the article in its entirety, click on "Whale Fin Inspires Safer Racing Wheels". Also, you may want to see this self-serving video: