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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Reporting on Darwin's Results

Seems that the hands at the Darwin Ranch (out yonder by Deception Pass) should find a new employer. Well, if they value intellectual honesty and scientific integrity, that is. Although acolytes in the evolutionary death cult claim that evolution is essential for science, Darwin not only fails to make the grade, but actually hinders real science.

Examining the projections and results, Darwin receives a failing grade

You can't even say that the Bearded Buddha gave it the old college try. (Do people still say "old college try" anymore?) From the outset, Chuck admitted that he did not have evidence, but hoped it would come along. That ain't no way to run a railroad — I mean, present a hypothesis. That's blind faith. Later, after Mendel (peas be upon him) started the science of genetics, the synthesis of genetics, natural selection, wishful thinking, blind faith, weaseling with "maybe", "perhaps", "could be", "scientists think" — no, that's not science.

The origin of flowering plants was an "abominable mystery" for Darwin, and remain so even today. A spider in amber is 175 million years too young according to secularists. Multicellular life form origins are unanswered. Desperate evolutionists say that the loss of features is evidence of forward-moving evolution.


We're told that evolution is too slow to see, then there is ultra-fast evolution (Darwinists have rescuing devices). Horse evolution is still bucking the storyline. Absurd, fact-free stories about the origin of snakes. Survival of the fittest, but who decides?

Yes, we have a passel of news items. They sure do go to a lot of work to deny the Creator, don't they? The real, logical conclusion is that Darwin was wrong. God exists, and he made us. We are responsible to find out about what he said in his Word.

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Darwin failed. His "theory" is not a theory, it is not successful, it is not accurate, it is not even science. Yippie ky yay, secularists!