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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Lizard and Other Finds Fluster Evolutionists

Proponents of atoms-to-anoles evolution are having increasing difficulties in supporting their stories, as evidence continues to mount in favor of special creation. Quite often, they will get all agitated about fossils that they consider ancient, even the "first ancestor" of some critter or another. Then the fossils turn out to be mostly identical to creatures that are living today. One of these is the lizard Megachirella wachtleri.

Fossils of lizards, other critters, and other discoveries are being troublesome to evolutionists.
Cropped from an image at Wikimedia Commons by Ghedoghedo (CC BY-SA 3.0)
They got themselves all agitated that this new fossil gave "valuable information" about the alleged evolution of lizards. However, it does nothing of the kind. This so-called ancestor is dated much older than previous fossils — and it is still a lizard. No transitional forms or anything, just evidence that organisms were created to reproduce after their kind, the way the Creator intended. Worse for secularists, they keep uncovering evidence for the Genesis Flood!

In related news, anole lizards diversity. Wake the neighbors, call the press, spread the word! Actually, this is nothing new for creationists, who expect speciation and diversity in the first place.
Evolutionists celebrate the earliest fossil lizard, but have to push back the origin of lizards by 75 million years.
CT scans of a fossil found in the early 2000’s has revealed it to be a lizard. Its location in the Dolomite mountains in Italy requires evolutionists to date it at 240 million Darwin Years. That, however, pushes the origin of lizards 75 million years earlier than evolutionists thought. From the bones, the artwork and the text, though, nothing reveals this animal to be a transitional form. It looks like a lizard one might find scampering about today.
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