Your System Cleaner

This is not about computer system software, and system cleaners can remove things you want left alone, or have to be deliberately activated. In this case, it is about an important organ. We have read about the eyes, ears, heart, spleen, and other things. Seems right that we should continue this organ recital with a short discussion of the liver.

The liver is extremely important to cleaning us out on the inside and keeping us alive.
Credit: Pixabay / PublicDomainPictures
If you were to watch a camera or x-ray of the liver in action, it would be rather boring because it doesn't move around like, say, the heart. But it is working. It has many functions to aid in digestion, and it removes many harmful things, including many poisons we inadvertently ingest every day. (Some people may want to give the liver some help by using supplements, but that may not be such a good idea.) Some of us need to have its function tested on a regular basis to see if medications are interfering with it.

Purveyors of evoporn consider the fact-free "explanation" of "it evolved" sufficient, but that strains credulity. Worse, it denies credit to the Master Engineer, who obviously designed such an intricate and efficient system.
Hopefully, you are very careful about what you put into your body. Yet every day your body has to get rid of poisons. In fact, you can’t eat without producing poisons that should kill you. It sounds like a catch-22: don’t eat, and you starve to death; eat, and your body makes poisons that could kill you. How are you still walking around?
The answer lies in one of the most important organs God put in your body — your liver.
The liver is practically a chemical factory, which does hundreds of jobs that keep you alive.
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