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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Rapid Magnetic Field Reversals

You know that those pointy rock things in caves that hang down are stalactites, right? Stalagmites and the ones on the bottom, pointing up. Stalactites, because they stick tight to the roof (we hope), and stalagmites because...they're not stalactites, I suppose. I suppose you also know that the magnetic field of the earth is studied partially through rocks? A stalactite was doing its thing, sticking tight, and it was studied for radioisotopes. The results surprised researchers.

Research on a stalactite showed that the earth's magnetic field has reversed itself in a short time.
Credit: RGBStock / Aschwin Prein
The magnetic field is our deflector shield, protecting us from deadly radiation and such. Deep time adherents cannot deal with the fact that the magnetic field shows the earth to be thousands, not millions, of years old. It has reversed itself a few times, and creation scientists figure it to have happened during the Genesis Flood, as Dr. Russel Humpreys discussed here, and more rapid reversals have been found. Apparently, the tight stalactite study shows changes that even secularists cannot escape.
Contrary to what geophysicists have claimed for decades, magnetic reversals may occur ‘ridiculously quickly.’ Or is confidence in experts ridiculous?
Surprise, surprise. We’ve been told that magnetic reversals, recorded in rock signatures, take thousands of years. But in one human lifetime? That sounds ridiculous. It is being seriously proposed by an international team, reports Brandon Specktor in
To read the rest, click on "Stalactite Indicates Ultrafast Magnetic Reversals".

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