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Sunday, September 02, 2018

Geologists Rescuing Deep Time Conflicts

Since Hutton and Lyell, secular geologists have been committing depredations to promote their deep time beliefs. Observed evidence frequently reveals conflicts with the stories they tell about the age of the earth, so they commence to rewriting their timelines. Some of their rescuing devices seem like peyote dreams and not much like actual science.

Secular geologists are having to rewrite their timelines again.
Dolomite boulder image credit: US National Park Service
Secularists have a problem with dolomite, since it does not appear much in Cenozoic strata. It appears where it's supposed to in other strata, so they came up with the idea that rocks were not buried long enough for changes to occur. Good luck with that and the Dolomites in Italy.

The Grand Canyon has been studied many times. Maybe they should quit, since geologists keep encountering problems such as the "flat gaps" which indicate rapid deposition. Now, the Sixtymile Formation has to be redated at millions of years younger than previously thought. This fouls up the fossil dating as well. This also causes problems for a previous rescuing device for a topic that puts a burr under their saddles, the Cambrian Explosion.

The Genesis Flood explains a great deal of geological evidence, so biblical creationists do not have these panicky redating problems. After all, the world was created much more recently than secularists want to believe. (If you think on it, you'll see that creationists are the true freethinkers.)  To read about the items mentioned above, and more, click on "Geology and Anomaly Are Practically Synonyms".