Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? Here is a post from the Climate Change Examiner, with a hat tip to Michelle Malkin, who invited Dean Martin to the party:

'Gore Effect' strikes as Congressional delegation to leave Copenhagen early to beat snowstorm

December 18, 1:51 PMClimate Change ExaminerTony Hake
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Gore Effect strikes - Congressional delegation to leave Copenhagen early to beat snowstormMuch of the East Coast of the United States is set for a major blast of winter this weekend with snow totals of more than one foot forecast for the Washington DC area. The Congressional delegation of 21 lawmakers now in Copenhagen for the UN Climate Change Conference announced they would leave early in order to beat the snowstorm before it strikes the nation’s capital.

The climate summit began on December 7th and it seems like the ‘Gore Effect’ has been striking routinely since then.

Leading up to the event, much of the United States was plunged into a deep freeze. Snow fell in Houston, Denver experienced temperatures 30 degrees below normal and 370 new record low temperatures were set or tied in a three day span across the United States.

Not even the summit itself has been immune to the effect as a major snowstorm struck Copenhagen yesterday and temperatures plummeted. President Obama landed at the summit today amid snow falling. Denmark’s Meteorological Institute said that the nation may have its first white Christmas in 14 years.

Now, as delegates and world leaders are set to depart the summit when it ends today, weather in the United States is affecting travel plans for many. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office has said that the Congressional delegation would leave ‘several hours’ earlier than planned to beat a major winter storm set to hit.

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A variety of winter weather warnings have been issued for a large swath from South Carolina through New York. Washington DC could receive as much as 20 inches of snow, blizzard conditions are forecast for Baltimore and New York City could receive up to 10 inches of snow.

The term was coined in recent years for the unseasonable weather that oftentimes accompanies appearances by former vice president and Nobel Laureate Al Gore or when a global warming event is held. Cold and snow have followed Al Gore and these events across the globe with amazing frequency since 2004.

Is there something to the so-called Gore Effect?


Hawkeye® said…
Hey Radar. Here in central New Jersey, we got at least 10" of global warming. My sister in south Jersey got at least 20". Pray for global warming.

(:D) Best regards...
let it snow ..let it snow..let it snow!
Anonymous said…
It's sure is fun to watch the conservo-blogoshpere echo chamber in action.
Am I to understand that the fact that it still snows in both central and south Jersey, not-to-mention Washington DC, in December (gasp), actually contributes to your argument that global climate change is just one big hoax/conspiracy? Sounds like Radar's "many snow layers in my backyard" arguments against the veracity of Ice Core data. I must say, that is some impressive, and literal, "backyard science" there, guys. Keep up the great work.
How serendipitous that you all have found each other on the internets and are able to comment on your respective blogs. In, what appears to be, some kind of an attempt to make yourselves feel like you aren't right wing extremist nutjobs.
That said, I've got a newsflash for all y'all, you're still really crazy.

- Canucklehead

P.S. - Happy Holidays Everyone!
radar said…
Canucklehead, now that entire nations have called the faked warming trend into question you do in fact owe us an apology. The warming graphs were faked, the land temperatures were "massaged" to reflect warming and the ocean temperatures have been ignored. We are currently in a period of global cooling.