Winter Solstice in USA and celebration for Radar!

On this day I married the love of my life.  On the Winter Solstice.

Julius Caesar declared December 25th to be the day celebrated in honor of the solstice, way back in 46 BC.  Later on the Catholic Church decided to honor the birth of Christ on that day.  Now we celebrate the birth of Jesus on a day He certainly was NOT born, as he was actually born during the time of the Census of Augustus during the days Quirinius was governing in Syria, which would have been in the spring and careful research indicates this was probably about February/March of 5 BC.   I have more work to do researching to try to nail it down, certainly you cannot trust Wikipedia to know much about it. 

In any event, we now celebrate the 21st of December for our wedding date.  

On this day it is the darkest day of the year and yet the angle of the Sun makes sunrise and sunset lighting more spectacular than normal.   Every day from here on will be more light and ever brighter until the middle of Summer, just as my life has been made ever brighter by my lovely wife and my awesome family.

No mean and angry comments or in fact any comments on any posts will be read today, because it is celebration time!   Cheers!


IAMB said…
Congrats on the anniversary! My parents have their 45th today (must be a good day for getting hitched).
Captain Stubing said…
Congrats on your anniversary man.
highboy said…
Congrats. Got my own coming up in January. Marriage rocks.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Radar!
May you have many, many happy years together!