Do Creation Scientists Need to be in Lockstep?

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

For Question Evolution Day 2015, I decided to address a fallacy that I've seen in anti-creationists. Some have observed that there is disagreement among creation scientists regarding the interpretation of observed data, and that viewpoints have been modified. Do they need to be in lockstep, marching together about everything all the time?

Some people seem to think that creation scientists need to be in full agreement on their models. Just like their secular counterparts, they hold to a starting point and can disagree on models and theories. Scientists are supposed to do that.
U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Josh Huebner/Released
Some atheist and evolutionist "logic" seems to go like this: "Creationists disagree. Therefore, creation science is false. Therefore, the Bible is not true. Therefore, there is no God!" Really, I've seen some sidewinders make amazing leaps in bad reasoning like that.

Let's take a gander at their evolutionary counterparts. Those scientists are constantly changing their views, rearranging evolutionary timelines, re-examining viewpoints, getting embarrassed when their "facts" are challenged, and more. True science changes to fit the facts, with faulty theories getting changed or even rejected. Fungi-to-farmer evolutionists will keep their worldviews despite the evidence, even trying to force-fit the data to fit their conjectures. Although Darwinoids will present their "science" as if the scientists were in agreement, there are secular scientists that doubt Darwin, reject the Big Bang, disagree that dinosaurs evolved into birds, and more.

Creation scientists also have their worldviews, and interpret the data accordingly, just like their secular counterparts. Biblical creationist scientists agree on the validity of Scripture, and will change their models when the need arises. (Unlike many secular scientists, they do not need to fudge the data, pass bad peer reviewed papers, and even resort to fraud to bolster their worldview.) Creationist scientists are not in lockstep, propping up bad theories and models despite the evidence. There are about four significant models dealing with distant starlight and creation, and differing models regarding plate tectonics and the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary, and more. That's what makes science grow. Protecting failed models like those in evolution is an anti-science mindset.

#qed2015 For Question Evolution Day, some thoughts about how being in lockstep on theories and models is helpful to science, and being in lockstep is actually contrary to good science. Both creation and secular scientists are unchanging on their wordlviews, and modify other details as needed. Except that creationists don't need to resort to faking it.

Creation science ministries as well as individuals disagree with each other on some details. For that matter, I've disagreed with material presented from some major creationist organizations on some aspects of science and theology; thinking people do that.

So, no, creationists don't have to be in lockstep. Scientists as well as us regular folks freely disagree on some points, but uphold the important part: God's written Word is our foundation, and is true from the very first verse.