What About Dinosaurs in the Bible?

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Scoffers have complained that the Bible doesn't mention dinosaurs, but they haven't done their homework or bothered to give the matter some thought: the Bible was completed about 2,000 years ago, and the word Dinosaur wasn't coined by Richard Owen until about 1842. Well, that settles that.

But wait! Does the Bible describe dinosaurs? According to modern commentators, the critters described in the latter chapters of Job were nothing special, just a hippopotamus, elephant, or crocodile. I reckon the writers had been jaded by evolutionary and old Earth views and the assumption that dinosaurs had been extinct for millions of years. By digging deeper into the text, there ain't no way that common living creatures were being described in the Bible! More than that, since everything was created in six days, such creatures were made on Day Six along with man

An atheo-fascist could insist, "It's impossible that humanity and dinosaurs co-existed, despite the lack of evidence for such a claim", but they haven't done their homework (thought they could start with this post and the links contained therein; I shouldn't help lazy people like that, silly of me). Some of their arguments are, essentially, "It's impossible for dinosaurs and humans to have been made on Day Six along with man because they existed millions of years apart". It's called circular reasoning, old son.

The subject of dinosaurs in the Bible has caused a great deal of discussion among Christians and biblical creationists. While we weren't there to see them, we do have some interesting clues from the text.
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What were behemoth and leviathan? We weren't there to see, and all we have is the biblical record, and also historical records of what used to be called dragons through much of our history. When we intelligently read the description of behemoth, we can see that it's describing a sauropod of some kind. 

Leviathan is a different matter. We can see that he's a cranky beast that seems to be always on the prod, and not to be added to your petting zoo. Creationary scientists, theologians, and other speculators are not in lockstep on the identity of leviathan, since whatever it is seems to have been long extinct, and there are several candidates from the fossil record. Among the possiblities are such diverse elements as:

The hands at the Darwin Ranch over at Deception Pass (along with their compromising churchian allies) don't want you to believe that dinosaurs lived alongside of humans. What follows is an excerpt of a detailed article about the dinosaurs described in the Bible, followed by a link to the rest of the article. From there, several other links as resources. There's a passel of evidence that dinosaurs and humans lived together, some hints that some dinosaurs may still be alive, and that they were indeed described in the Bible. Yippie ky yay, secularists!
Behemoth and leviathan, the two enigmatic animals mentioned in the book of Job, are commonly equated with a hippopotamus and a crocodile, respectively. Exegesis of Job 40 and 41 indicates that a hippopotamus and a crocodile are not likely candidates for these enormous creatures described by Job. Neither should behemoth and leviathan be taken as mythological animals. After establishing their identities, I also consider to what degree they symbolize the power of evil, and whether they are connected with Satan (who is mentioned in the first two chapters of the book).
To finish reading that article, click on "Behemoth and leviathan in the book of Job". There are some links for further perusal below to supplement the links above: