Creation and Good Eatin'

Warning: Better strap on the feed bag before reading the linked article below (or hearing the audio), since it's about food and has a good chance of making you hungry. Even so, I wanted to grab a second lunch—

"Good thing you didn't, Cowboy Bob. I've seen your picture and you don't need it."

So anyway, as I write this, my wife and I finished up the leftover corned beef and cabbage from St. Patrick's Day, which is not a "traditional" Irish supper. When I was younger, I wasn't fond of cabbage or its relatives. Tastes change, especially when something is prepared in a way that is pleasing to the one consuming it.  There are many foods from around the world (many of which can be abused, as I pointed out above in that "conversation"). It may be surprising to see that God created them to be tasty, and even more so when enhanced with spices that he also gave us.

Food was created for nutrition and pleasure
Credit: Pixabay / TheAngryTeddy
There is an interesting interaction going on. Foods were designed to appeal to us, and we were designed to appreciate the flavors. It's a win-win situation. (Do people still say that?) None of that "evolved for a purpose" stuff that Darwinists insist on; we like it, it's made for us, and beneficial as well.
Confession time. On rare occasions (not to exceed once a month—other than around Christmas), this cut-the-grass-with-a-hand-pushed-reel-lawnmower workout warrior likes to swipe his way through the colorful confines of his wife’s Pinterest boards. I admit it; this social media powerhouse pulls me in. I’m a sucker for her jam-packed collections with such innocuous names as “Breakfast,” “Dinner,” and “Dessert.”

Those titles hardly do them justice. That’s because my wife’s mouth-watering online discoveries get my taste buds firing as I skim through beef barley skillet and peanut butter banana bread and French toast casserole. If she’s discovered it, that means we’ll be eating it soon. And with each tap, I can already taste the chocolate cheesecake, rosemary sweet potato fries, and ranch chicken pizza.

If you didn’t catch that . . . we like food.
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Another gift from our Creator is food. It's not just for nutrition, but designed to appeal to us, and we are designed to appreciate it.