Deception in Evolutionary Transgender Research

If you care to examine the evidence and pay even a little bit of attention to the secular science news, you will see that image of the impartial, unbiased scientist has ridden off into the sunset.

The unbiased scientist will never come back, because that was entirely a myth. Scientists are human, and have worldviews into which they try to see if the evidence fits. In the case of evolution, the evidence most definitely does not fit reality, so they tamper with definitions and even the facts so they can say, "Aha! Evolution!"

A study in transgenderism as an evolutionary benefit was conducted with disingenuous redefintions and basic denial of biological science.
Credit: Freeimages / Richard Dunstan (modified)
It is a demonstrated fact that the secular science industry is becoming increasingly leftist in its research and conclusions — especially when logic and facts are twisted to achieve the illogical conclusions that sidewinders desire. One of the popular items is transgenderism. In the United States, the estimate is less than one half of one percent of the population identifies as transgender, but the way leftists, social justice warriors of the left, anti-Christian bigots, and politicians distort that number, it seems much larger than is supported by reality.

Some folks try to use evolution to justify "gender fluidity", where someone's gender "identity" can change, even by the hour. (This must cause extra washing on laundry day.) They also try to use science to defend transgenderism. This is impossible, as there is no scientific research to support the idea that someone can change their sex. People who claim that a sex can be changed through surgery are science deniers.

Also, there seems to be a distinction between sex (the biological aspect) and gender (the way society perceives people). I remember being involved in a forum that was all about men's concerns. Many people wondered what it means to be a man. Some people felt that a "real" man is interested in sports, motor vehicle mechanic work, and so on. This definition of "man" involved protecting the family, loyalty, hunting, and similar things that belong to the manly stereotype. They did not know how to deal with the fact that many women do the same things! Also, since I am not into sports, automobiles, hunting, and so on, I must not be a real man. However, I am confident in my masculinity. I wonder how they felt about manly men who would participate in needlepoint, knitting, and other activities that typically belong to women. 

In some cultures, whether isolated from those who are technologically advanced, or in developed urban areas, men will be the ones involved in typically female activities around the home. That does not make them transgender or less manly! They remain men. This also applies to when women take on duties or employment that are often associated with men; they do not change sexes. It is also true when men and women simply do not feel like being typical, and being involved in activities that are not typically associated with their sex, and then going back to their usual roles later.

Some animals can change their sex when necessary (clownfish are all born male), but this is an aspect of our Creator's design and genetic engineering. Some owlhoot evolutionists are changing the definitions of male and female, and of transgenderism, to suit their leftist proclivities. That's not being scientific, that's just sneaky. Also, slapping "evolution" like a bumper sticker onto the research is disingenuous, since this has nothing to do with evolution.

In reality, human transgenderism has nothing to do with biology (except in rare cases involving birth defects, but the exception does not establish a rule). We are not birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians, and so on. No, being "a man trapped in a woman's body" is psychological, not physiological. In the following article, note that those who elected to have gender reassignment surgery (bodily mutilation and a denial of God's design) have an increased suicide rate.
Some argue that transgenderism was caused, or at least influenced, by evolution. Some of them support the notion of transgender transgender by claiming that Transgenderism “Showed Evolutionary Benefits in Ancestral Societies,” namely they helped others with child care and other tasks. In a 2013 paper in Nature, VanderLaan and his colleagues studied 146 non-transgendered societies and 46 transgender societies in both current and older hunter-gatherer societies. 
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