Antarctica's Fossil Forest Amazes Evolutionists

Here is an idea that should sound like a whole whack of fun. We can all go looking for fossil forests! The first place that should come to your mind to search for a fossil forest would be Antarctica. 

"Wait, what?"

Yes, you heard me. The South Pole. At one time, it was not the snowy wasteland we see today, but it was a tropical place to which someone may want to retire. That means it should not be such a shock to learn that a fossil forest was discovered there.

Fossil trees in Antarctica fit Genesis Flood model for a young earth
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Not all reports of the fossil forest give complete information. For one thing, the word "fossil" is used loosely again, because the stumps have not turned completely to stone. Another fact that has been omitted from one report (as well as the very brief video report below) is that amino acids still exist. Obviously, that have not turned to stone. 

In addition, the trees were "advanced" according to proponents of universal common ancestor evolution. That is not supposed to happen, but other "advanced" trees have been found as well. Intricate, specifically complex trees and well-preserved fossils... The evidence does not support deep time or evolution. Instead, it supports recent creation and rapid burial that would be expected from the global Genesis Flood. 
Claimed to be 280 million years old, stumps of fossil trees retain original material in the world’s coldest climate.
The roots are still attached to a stump emerging from the ground in Antarctica. In the photo on Live Science, paleobiologists led by Erik Gulbranson claim that forests grew here from 400 million to 14 million Darwin Years ago, “which is basically the entirety of plant evolution.”
The article focuses on how the forests changed over millions of years, and speculates about the Permian-Triassic extinction and what it meant for evolution. The most astonishing part of the story, however, is near the end:
I won't leave you stumped. You can read the rest of the article by clicking on "Fossil Forest Found in Antarctica". A similar article can be found at "Fossil Trees in Antarctica Preserve Ancient Proteins".