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Sunday, March 04, 2018

Nothing Special about New Dinosaur Discovery

Evolutionary paleontologists are excited about a dinosaur discovery that supposedly fills in some missing information. Certain strata in Africa did not have many dinosaur fossils. Although billed as "mostly complete", this sauropod fossil was spread out over a large area, and still has quite a few missing parts.

"Holy Grail" of dinosaurs is nothing special, and the discovery is best explained by the Genesis Flood model
Credit: Cropped from Pixabay / 12019
Although they called it the "Holy Grail" of dinosaurs, it involves circular reasoning, arguing from presuppositions, and leaving out important information about the geology of the area. It is no Holy Grail, it is only more hype. In reality, dinosaurs were created much more recently than the evolutionary faithful want to admit.


Darwinists do not have a good explanation for what they've found, nor is it anything all that special except to fit their narrative. Even sadder for them is that the Genesis Flood models by creationary scientists can provide a far better explanation for the discovery.
A recent article by a team of paleontologists, led by Hesham Sallam, of Mansoura University, Egypt, claims to have found the Holy Grail of dinosaurs in the middle of Egypt. The Genesis Flood model easily explains this unique discovery. Co-author Matt Lamanna of Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, said,
When I first saw the pics of the fossils, my jaw hit the floor. This was the Holy Grail—a well-preserved dinosaur from the end of the Age of Dinosaurs in Africa—that we paleontologists had been looking for a long, long time.
Until this discovery, dinosaurs from the Upper Cretaceous strata were lacking across much of Africa. This discovery of a long-necked dinosaur (sauropod) was the first to fill that gap. The specimen was found in the Western Desert of Egypt in a rock unit called the Quseir Formation.
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