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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Huge Landslides and the Genesis Flood

If you get a notion to saddle up and ride in the Wyoming Territory, north of Cody is Heart Mountain. It is 8,123 feet (2,476 meters), and a popular place for geologists because of the huge landslide that took place long ago. Uniformitarian geologists are mighty puzzled by the slide.

massive landslides of the past are best explained by the catastrophic activities of the Genesis Flood
NASA image by Robert Simmon, based on data Landsat 7 data provided
by the Global Land Cover Facility (modified)
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As expected, geologists use what they know about present processes and try to extrapolate backward into the distant past. Yes, they have knowledge of the mechanisms of landslides in the present. That enables officials to give warnings on occasion. Don't be a hotshot and ignore them, you savvy?

Working and speculating backward does not work very well on a large scale, and the landslide at Heart Mountain is a case in point. The best explanation is the catastrophic changes that occurred during the Genesis Flood.
According to God’s Word, the great Flood of Noah’s day was the most devastating catastrophe in history. If true, we would expect to find evidence of upheaval on a scale unlike anything we see today. And that’s what we find.
Geologists have discovered huge chunks of land that broke free during past super earthquakes and slid dozens of miles in just minutes. The next time someone questions Noah’s Flood, share the following example!
To read the rest of this short article or download the MP3 version, click on "Supersized Landslides".

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