Time and the Origins Debate

Scoffers often claim that the Bible is a "book of fairy tales", which shows their lack of intellectual honesty (among other things). Fairy tales often begin with, "Once upon a time...", and tall tales cowboys tell around the campfire tend toward the vague side. The Bible is very specific about people, places, and times (such as Haggain 1:1, Matthew 2:19-23, and Genesis 8:4). Fairy tales and mythologies do not have such detail, but time is important in the Bible.

Time is essential to the study of origins.
Credit: Pixabay / Linus Sch├╝tz
The Bible is reliable as a source of history, but some sidewinders saw fit to "remove Moses" from geological ages. They were committed to deep time, and the true history in Scripture was tossed aside. After all, Papa Darwin needed huge amounts of time to make it look like his conjectures were plausible, and those folks wanted to give it to him. Many religious people were willing to accept this "science", and compromised accordingly. In fact, time is essential to the study of origins.
The idea for a documentary on Genesis came from a conversation I had with my then ten-year-old daughter.
She was watching a creation-evolution debate and was bothered by a number of things the evolutionist said. Her concern was that the events he described — a billions-of-years old earth, the direct relationship of men and animals, the impossibility of a global flood — were completely different from the events described in Genesis.
I knew how she felt. As a 15-year-old, I had been bothered by the same things. I recall reading books by Richard Leakey alongside books by Henry Morris. After weighing both sides of the question, I came away convinced that Genesis was an accurate book of history.
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What I learned over the next few years changed my view of science, history, and the Bible. Here are three of the more important things I discovered:
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