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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Vestiges of Bad Design Claims

Actually, the title is a blend of two lame ponies that evolutionists trot out. One is vestigial organs or structures, the other is about dysteleological claims that our Creator was a lousy designer. Apparently, armchair atheists and evolutionists can do better. That'll be the day! We have two podcasts to consider.

Evolutionists try to tell us that our Creator is a bad designer, and that we have leftovers from our evolutionary past. Both concepts are easily refuted.
Credit: Unsplash / Liam Welch
If you study on it, you'll realize that the "God fouled up" arguments are not based on science, but on atheistic presuppositions and personal preferences. (It also shows that they do know God exists, as they are suppressing the truth in unrighteousness and seeking rescuing devices.) Anti-creationists cannot design a "better" eye, since they have the blueprints and materials available. Upon further examination, their assertions are nonsensical.

Related to this is the allegation that certain organs (or structures) are vestigial. That is, junk left over from our evolutionary past. Evolutionary thinking has hindered medical science many times, as people who have their tonsils and appendixes removed because of evolution can attest: they were harmed by rote removals. Arrogant secularists did not (and seldom do now) humble themselves and realize that just because they do not understand something does not mean it has no purpose. Evolutionists were humiliated by "junk" DNA — which do have uses. So do vestigial organs, pilgrim.

One of the more outrageous and comical beliefs about vestigial stuff is goosebumps. Evolutionists say it is because our more hairy ancestors would sense danger and their hair would raise up so they looked more fierce. Another bit of foolishness is that our back problems exist because we are not supposed to be walking upright, but on all fours. Add to this that selfishness shows evolution, or the ludicrous claim that an atheist made in a debate (I have to find this again) that religion began because Neanderthals heard thunder and could not explain. That's "reason".

We are not the products of evolution. The evidence refutes evolutionary speculations and supports recent creation and design. Earlier, I mentioned that we have two podcasts. They are with Bob Enyart and Dr. Jerry Bergman. First, "RSR with Jerry Bergman on the 'Poor Design' Invalid Argument". Second, "The Vestiges of the Vestigial Argument". I have to make a disclaimer, however. Bob Enyart does excellent work on creation science, but he believes in the dreadful "open theology". Fortunately, those are not mentioned here, but you may hear them in his theology podcasts.