Wood Chips Buried in the Ocean Floor

Secular geologists commenced to tap-dancing around some inconvenient evidence found in the ocean floor. Core samples revealed very small wood chips where there should not be found. These were quite a long way out to sea and deep in the floor. The discovery could affect climate models.

Secularists have some additional problems. Wood chips from Himalayan trees were found deep in the ocean floor, and climate change models are affected.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Missb7 (CC by-SA 4.0)
Climate change alarmists have not taken many factors into account in their models, and this carbon sequestration is likely to have an impact on the carbon cycle, and then climate models. In addition, secularists are puzzled because the wood is from Himalayan trees. Uniformitarian geologists envisioned several catastrophic events that raise more questions than they answer. The most logical explanation, which is consistent with many other findings that are anomalies for secularists, is the Genesis Flood.
Wood chips hundreds of feet deep in ocean sediments have been found. How did they get there?
Watch out for ocean trees.
Geology researchers from the University of Southern California (USC) went boring into ocean sediments near India, and were surprised to find direct evidence that “Catastrophic events carry forests of trees thousands of miles to a burial at sea.” They pulled up six cores of sediment from the ocean floor a thousand feet below the surface. The cores were extracted miles apart and over a thousand miles from shore.
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