Distorting Linnaeus, Misrepresenting Creationists

Conducting a search for Linnaeus provides at least three names: Carl, Carolus, and Carl von Linné. Latin was used in scientific communications, and was still widely used in the 18th century, so his name in that language was Carolus Linnæus. Carl von Linné was his name after he was promoted to nobility. 

Carl Linnaeus developed a system of biological classifications. He was a Christian and creationist. Secularists rewrite history to malign him.
Image credit before modification: Carl von Linné by Alexander Roslin, 1775

He is often considered the father of taxonomy —

"Isn't Biden trying to have a taxonomy increase, Cowboy Bob?"

Don't give him ideas. But taxonomy is a system of biological classification, and Linnaeus not only developed it, but made the binomial (two names) system of biological classification. What they were using before was cumbersome. He was also a devout Christian and creationist, so Darwin's cheerleaders are distorting and rewriting history.

Models and procedures are adjusted when more complete science is applied. We get that. Quite a bit has happened in the 300 or so years since Linnaeus did his taxonomy system. Evolutionists have hijacked it with their own modifications to support their own belief system. 

When it promotes naturalism, secularists often conduct incomplete research. (Unfortunately, this was done by both misotheists and some Christians regarding the inaccurate claim that Isaac Newton espoused the Arian heresy.) Whether through error, using someone else's incomplete work, or nefarious reasons, Linnaeus is accused of believing in the "fixity of species" (every life form is the way it was created, nothing changed). To some extent, that is correct — except that definitions were a part of the problem. So was language. He believed in the fixity of the created kinds, and modern creationists believe that as well. The word species back when he wrote in Latin was more like the created kinds, not the modern definitions of species.
While many may recognize the name Carl Linnaeus, few could explain his relevance to science or tell you much about his life. Most simply recall his name as one they had to memorize in science class, or they perhaps associate him with the classification system that bears his name and nothing more. This fact is regrettable, as Linnaeus was both an outstanding scientist and a biblical creationist.

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