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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dhimmis, you are dissin' me...

I see Evan Bayh voting against Alito and I know three things: He is playing to the left wing of his party, he doesn't give a rip what his actual constituents think and he is against ME!

Bayh has Presidential aspirations. The son of a long-time Indiana congressman (Birch Bayh) who was defeated in the Reagan days, Evan got elected as much on his name and heritage as he did on issues or qualifications. Indiana is more Republican than Democrat and there is a good chance that if he were the Democratic candidate in 2008 that he wouldn't carry his own state. But what politician doesn't have an ego?

Anyway, Alito is a high-producer but he is also a family man who has worked his way up the ladder to finally enter the highest court in the land. He had the highest possible recommendation from the ABA. He has two kids. He was born in New Jersey and has remained a New Jersey guy.

A guy who went to Yale and Princeton? Definitely not Joe Sixpack! But his traditional views on the role of the courts in this country are the typical views of the common man. He may be from a blue state, but he sounds like "flyover country" with a real good education. So, when Evan Bayh votes against Justice Alito for no good reason other than to appease left wingnuts he is also voting against what his typical constituent wants. But I guess the guy doesn't care about actually doing his job.

I watched C-Span to check out the Impeachment speeches that took place on Monday, featuring Ramsey Clark. Clark went on a rambling, halting tirade in which he actually went so far as to say that George Bush was a threat to life on earth itself!!! There were maybe fifty people shoved into a hole-in-the-wall club, probably in Georgetown, all seemingly believing they have a chance to impeach President Bush. It was hilarious but it was also troubling. I don't want to be profane, but the whole thing struck me as intellectual/emotional masturbation. Do they really think the American public is hot for the impeachment of the President?!

Dhimmis call him BushChimpHitler. They make fun of the President, accuse him of crimes, delight in painting him as an ignorant bonehead. George Bush is a man of above-average intelligence who has been an even higher producer than Alito. He has the top job in the world! Pretty good for an idiot, eh? He is a veteran, a former athlete who is still a sports fan. He likes to hang out at his ranch and get down to tasks like clearing brush. He had his party animal days while in college. More so than Alito, or Evan Bayh, or most of his tormentors he IS the typical American. He has more money, yeah, but look at the guy - Married all these years to one wife, has two cute kids, goes to church and believes in something greater than himself. The Dhimmi crowd calls him a monster, a villian. So don't they realize they are calling the average guy in this country a monster and a villian? That more of us approve of the President than we do of them?

...and they call themselves the reality-based community!

Right Wing News live-blogged the speech.

So did the Conservababes.


oriolebird38 said...

I hate to break it to you Radar, but Senators are actually put in place to vote in their own best interests and the best interests of the country and their party. So, unfortunately, his job really does not involve giving a damn about you (that's for the House). So get used to Bayh. That said, I've always supported Alito's nomination, I think he has a terrific and logically sound record, and unlike Harriet Miers, actually deserves to be a justice. You really have to excuse the Democratic party, because they are really a two-bit, Keystone Cops-type operation. How else can you explain losing to GW Bush twice?

radar said...

Oriole, I think they should fire Howard Dean and put you in charge. Maybe the Dems would purge the anti-American wing of the party and return to the idea of coming up with solutions to problems. Having two parties with ideas, that is the ideal thing.

Oriolebird for DNC Chair!

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