Darwin is Dead-The Carnival!!!

Boy, have we got a carnival for you! Each entry will be linked on this page. I will publish an exerpt and also give you that link to go to the author's blog so you can read the remainder of the article. Click each title to read the whole thing!

So, in order of submission.....drum roll....

Mark of Mark My Words is our first submitter with Yes, there is a God.

"Because the universe is either eternal or came from nothing.

I hope no one seriously considers something from nothing in this day and age.

An eternal universe is not possible either. You cannot count to infinity. No matter how long you count you will always have a finite set of numbers. Likewise, you cannot have an infinite series of events into the past. You would never reach a beginning, because no matter how long you traveled, you would only traverse a finite set of events. Even worse though, for the universe to reach the present. There being no beginning at all, there is no hope of reaching the present as it is preceded by an infinite series of events and there is no starting point to begin to try and cross this series."

Next in line is Ohio Board Of Education Eliminates Critical Thinking Standard In Science Classes submitted by Greg of Rhymes with Right:

"No more will students in Ohio science classes be taught to think critically or use the scientific method to examine evidence for and against scientific theories. instead, they are to be presented only evidence in support of scientific theories, but not any evidence that may call such theories into doubt.

Why the change from good science education to indoctrination? because some fear that teaching kids to think might lead them to draw conclusions that contradict scientific orthodoxy."

Next up is Tim from Christ Matters (we think so, too) in Creation Vs. Evolution :

"I'm always up for a good debate in regards to evolution and its veracity. But the real debate is not between Creation and evolution, its Creationism and cosmology, or origins. The age of the earth is the crux of the matter. Now I for one, do not care how long it took God to create the Earth. It could have been a literal 24/7 day progression, or it could have taken millenia. I just don't care. But what I do care about is the public education system shoving an equally unprovable theory down my throat with the demand that I accept it.

So here goes. To the evolutionists: First, evolution claims that humans and apes have a common ancestor. But since apes are not still evolving into man that notion is debunked without performing a single experiment. Science is the study of things obervable, and man evolving from apes has not been observed. Since both creatures still co-exist, something such as this WOULD be obervable if it were true."

Rod Martin of Answers in Genesis gave me permission to pick an article from the site to publish. It was like being a kid in a candy store, but I finally chose Shining light on the evolution of photosynthesis by Rick Swindell:

"If we define science as the assumption of naturalism, that matter and energy are all that ever has been or will be, then photosynthesis must of course have evolved, since the only reasonable alternative, that it was designed by intelligence, falls outside our definition of ‘science’. So, by definition, the fabulously complex systems of photosynthesis have arisen by accident. But man’s way of defining words has no jurisdiction in the dominion of objective reality. Truth is sublimely indifferent to our definition of words, even to our definition of science. The thesis of this paper is that evolution would not have been capable of generating the process of photosynthesis as it exists in cyanobacteria, green algae and higher plants, and that it must therefore have been intelligently designed."

Hawkeye (Jim) in his Testimonium blog also got in on the carnival with an appropriately named entry; Darwin Is Dead:

"Indeed, "Darwin is Dead". His spirit ("breath" in the Hebrew) passed from his mortal flesh on April 19,1882. Various accounts of his death can be found Here. But Darwin's legacy -- the religion known as Evolution -- lives on. You may scoff at my choice of words, but Evolution is in fact nothing more than a "religion". It could hardly be called a "science", except perhaps in the most oblique of fashions. For starters, let us consider the definition of "science" as put forth by Merriam-Webster..."

I am truly grateful to all who participated and I urge you to read each of these submissons. I will announce the winner of the Carnival soon, but if any commenters wish to vote I will consider their opinion when I make the decision.

Remember, Darwin is dead but our God is alive!!!