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Sunday, February 19, 2006

If you are a proponent of abortion, I dare you to watch the first two videos presented on this site.

I am sick in my heart and soul over the numbers:

In 2002, 1,082 American children died from violent assault.
2,347 died from an automobile accident in the USA..
32,867 died from disease in the USA.

And, in 2002, in the land of the free and the home of the brave
1,310,000 American children died from legal abortions!

Today, nearly 4,000 children are killed at the hands of abortionists every day.
25,000 per week.
109,000 per month.
1.3 million a year.

Warning: The second video on this site presents pictures of fetuses that have just been aborted. It is amazing the detail even a very tiny baby has, with feet much smaller than a dime but having the features of a baby, not some organic blob.

One of my children was born prematurely, weighing just over four pounds when born. She is now about 5'6" tall and has blessed me with two grandchildren. Babies as large or larger than her are being aborted every single day because the abortion rights proponents have even managed to keep third trimester abortions legal.

It isn't abortion. It is even beyond murder. It is SLAUGHTER. HOLOCAUST.

America, I am ashamed for us.


Ms. Underestimated said...

Thanks for the post, Radar.... and thank you for visiting my site. Did you know about Abort73 before my site, or not? How did you find me? Just curious....looking to make new friends in the blogosphere.

Ms. U

radar said...

Hi, yes, I am trying to remember where I first saw 73 because I intended to give the blog credit. It wasn't your site, though. I first noticed you as a commenter on yet another site and thought you sounded like a good blog friend...

Amy Proctor said...

Abortion is one of the last legitimate civil righs issues of our time. It is a slaughter. It is a holocaust.

radar said...

Thank you, Amy. When a woman says it, frankly, it carries more weight than when I, a man, does so. A woman can argue that I have never been pregnant and never will so I have no moral authority. I disagree, however, to you this cannot be said!

Raven said...

47 Million and counting upwards...
Abortion is the legal murder of modern times. Worse than the Holocaust. Worse than any war. Yet it's ok for so many.

Anonymous said...