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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Danish cartoon for your perusal

Yeah, something like this is worth killing and rioting over.....if you are an absolute maniacal idiot!


oriolebird38 said...

Well, in my humble opinion, people shouldn't make cartoons mocking other religions prophets like that. If I were a sane, upstanding islamic person, I would probably find it offensive. None of us would be happy if there were a cartoon mocking Jesus. Therefore, I don't think I'll be posting the cartoons on my blog. Not to condemn you for doing it, cause I'm sure you don't have anything against a sane, upright Muslim person. Just my perogative (besides my readership doens't speak Danish anyway).

All that in mind, riots are so far out of line that you couldn't even invent a story this ridiculous. The President of Iran actually threatened a declaration of war against Denmark. Could you imagine little Persian navies snaking through the Mediterranean and going all the way up the Atlantic? Not to mention that whole pesky NATO thing. Once you're willing to riot over the interpretation of your religion by someone so far away with absolutely no power, you've lost all touch with reality.

Mark K. Sprengel said...

Thing is, some moderate muslims say the cartoons should be published. I held off putting them on my blog, but decided to in part because of what they said and as a protest against dhimmitude, which is what the Islamofascists want for everyone.

radar said...

Another aspect to this is that Islamic papers have been publishing far cruder anti-American and anti-Jew cartoons all along without anyone marching on Mecca, etc. Jesus is constantly parodied and insulted by artists and cartoonists. I don't see Christians burning down the Rolling Stone magazine's HQ because Kanye West of all people was pictured as Christ crucified on a recent cover.

cranky old fart said...

Christians do not, currently, go to war over religious issues. Your inerrant texts are not currently interpreted to require or condone it.

If your texts were being so interpreted, however, would it not be required of the faithful to follow the teaching? One might argue that the islamofascists are just being very faithful Muslims.

Blind obedience to superstitious beliefs can lead to all manner of "irrational" acts.

oriolebird38 said...

i would argue that Islamic extremist violence comes from a perversion of the Quran by those using it to solidify their own power base, and not by faithful adherance to it. But, I'm only basing this on the behavior of the moderate Muslim people I know, I've never actually studied the Quran.

cranky old fart said...

One man's "perversion of the Quran" is another man's faithful reading.

There is much in Quran, and the life of Muhammad himself, that can be interpreted as justification for the current violence.

How many interpretations are there of the Bible?

highboy said...

The Quran and the founding of Islam, if one does objective research, is surrounded in violence. Muhammed worshipped Allah after his first revelation by ransacking caravans and killing the men, women and children traveling with it.