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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fantasy baseball and a plug for Fantasy Kings

For those of you interested in fantasy sports, you know that this is the time of year you prepare for drafts in baseball leagues. For sports fans who are not familiar, let me explain:

In fantasy baseball, You form a league of fellow fantasy team owners to play against during the season. Then you choose a team from an available pool of players (usually the entire NL, the entire AL or both). Drafting can be live and online or it can be automated, using a list you compile or one preconfigured by the fantasy sports site. Various categories like batting average, homeruns, rbi, wins, saves and era are used to determine which team wins. There are two basic playing formats.

Rotisserie or Roto: Points are assigned to the leading team in each category and the totals are compiled over the course of the entire season. The team with the most points at the end of the season is the winner.

Head to Head or H2H: Points are assigned to each category and each week your team faces another team head to head. Standings are based on your won-lost records in these individual contests. Near the end of the year, the leading teams enter a playoff system and play head to head right up to a championship matchup, much like real major league baseball.

There are all sorts of online sites in which to play fantasy baseball. Some are free, some cost money and some can be customized to be money leagues in which entry fees are collected and prizes awarded at season's end. Two of the most popular sites are Yahoo Fantasy Sports and CBS Sportsline. One can join a public league or sign up with some friends in your own custom league.

Fantasy Sports are another way to enjoy being a sports fan and perhaps show off your individual expertise at the same time. Fantasy Kings is the site I prefer to connect with other fantasy sports enthusiasts to share information and start and maintain custom leagues in all of the major sports. The Forum is the specific link to use in order to join the conversations and find a league to join in the sport or sports you prefer. There are articles, rankings, and other resources to help beginners or experts alike. It is a free site for the enjoyment of sports nuts like myself.

If you go there, give Radar a shout out, that would be me. Sign ups for baseball leagues are ongoing right now if you are interested so go and see!


oriolebird38 said...

You know, this might be your first post that I don't have any objection to!

FK for lyfe yo.

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