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Monday, February 06, 2006

Officials were Stealers (Steelers?)

It wasn't just me....The whole world was watching.

FoxSport's Kevin Hinch saw the same game I did:

"Like a crazed CIA analyst running through the halls of Langley screaming into open offices about some impending calamity, I've been shrieking hysterically about the terrible officiating in the NFL and warning that some day the brutal calls were going to affect the outcome of the Super Bowl.

That some day was Sunday."

"...after spending a week in Detroit, I thought the city had cleaned up most of its crime." said Skip Bayless of ESPN.

Dawgbones called it Grand Larceny.

"Give The Super Bowl MVP To The Officials" said Bob George of PatsFans.

The last word goes to Aaron Schatz of and Fox.

"The fact is, we were robbed — all of us who love the NFL.

I don't feel that the refs stole this game from the Seahawks. I feel that the refs stole a great game from us, the fans of the other 30 teams. Nothing says that with better officiating, Seattle would have won. Nothing says that if Seattle goes up 17-14 after the phantom holding call on Sean Locklear, Big Ben can't march the Steelers down the field to win the game in the final minutes. But wow, I really would have liked to see him try."


Kyle said...

Well so some of the calls were a bit Iffy, but Steelers deserved to win for one reason. They pulled off a reverse, halfback pass.
That play was sweet.
It's fun to see people who still know how to take chances in the No Fun League

Simon Peter said...

Radar, I'm with you. The officials were the third team in the game and they were determined to win. The poor standard of referee calls badly tainted an otherwise decent game.

Hawkeye® said...

I guess I was too busy eating and drinking at our SuperBowl party to really pay attention to the officiating. However, it sure seemed to me that the Seahawks could move the ball down the field... but just couldn't get into the endzone.