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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Slogan for Moonbats contest

The blogger who can come up with the best slogan for the moonbats over at Democratic Underground will have his blog added to my blogroll. If he/she doesn't have a blog, or he/she is already on my blogroll I will just write a congratulatory posting with their name in the title.

Frank at IMAO got me thinking about this when I read his hilarious posting "The Universal Democratic Underground Thread" which really rocks out! Frank recently married his T-shirt babe, by the way, so he has good taste in women to go along with his cockeyed brand of humor.

Anyway, some kind of slogan is what I am looking for, something like "Drinking the Socialist Kool-Aid since 2001," or "What I do when I'm not planning my move to France," or, well, hopefully you can do better than me. The contest will run for one week and end exactly seven days after the end of the Super Bowl.

Here is a link to provide you with material and give you a few outright guffaws besides!

This is entirely off the subject, but to inspire one and all I will share my 2004 pre-election poem written in honor of John F Kerry!

Lest we get Kerry’d away

There once was a soldier who came home from war
A little bit sad and a little bit sore.
He cried and complained and when people listened
He eventually became a politician!

He went from a buzzhead to a bit of a hippy
Who asked all the rich girls to squeeze his bippy
Then acquired manners as if born to the manor
And then he became a United States Senator

Now he tells everyone that everything’s bad
And Bush is the reason they all should be sad
But he is their hero and he is their man
Because, my friends, he’s concocted a plan!

I suppose he will tax us, and tax us some more
Until those who have money will find kinder shores
If the rich don’t stay here and create jobs for us
Won’t his welfare state collapse and go bust?

We’ll appease the terrorists and be nice to them
And pretend we don’t notice when they’ve hemmed us in
And just when it seems that we don’t have a chance
We’ll follow the leader right over to France!


FIAR said...

DU - "We'll never let logic or reason impede our full throttle stupidity."

The only problem with this slogan is that they might not know what the words "logic" or "reason" mean, or what "impede" means.

oriolebird38 said...

How about, "Working hard since 1999 to destroy everything good that FDR had accomplished!"?

As a liberal, I feel completely out of place in American politics. Because my choices are a party which offends me on just about every level (yours), and a party run by the Three Stooges. I wonder if I could manage to get elected anywhere as an independent...

cranky old fart said...

ha ha ha. Now a slogan for the freepers?

radar said...

Uhm, what is a "freeper?" A free person?

FIAR said...

"Freeper" refers to Free Republic. Sort of a reverse DUmmy.

DetroitPatriotette said...

Democrat Underground: "Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind's made up".

Hey, I'm sick. I'll try harder when I can feel my face. :)


Mark K. Sprengel said...

"ignore reality - it begins with an R like religion"

Debbie said...

I think I have one that is short and yet quiet discriptive:

Enemas of the State

Kyle said...

Here is mine, its a bit long
DU - Racial preferences, class warfare,
and name calling. Continuing the traditions of the Democratic party.

Came to your Blog from RWN.I like it.
Check mine out.

cranky old fart said...

Hmmm, how 'bout..."A light in the growing darkness"?

People in glass houses, etc.....

radar said...

Thanks, Cranky! We need both sides on this.