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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Top Secret! MSA intercept transcript...

Here is a transcript of a conversation monitored by the MSA shortly after an article in the San Jose Mercury News concerning Senator Reid and disgraced lobbyist Abramoff was released. The participants are thought to be Senator Harry Reid (Reid), DNC Chairman Howard Dean (Dean) and disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff (JA).

-beginning of transcript-

(JA) "Hello, is that you, Harry?"
(Reid) "Yes, it's me and I have Howard conferenced in as well."
(JA) "You there too, Howard?"
(Dean) "indecipherable Yeah! Woooo!"
(JA) "Alright, so what is this all about?"
(Reid) "You didn't see that article in the Mercury? They are going for my throat!"
(Dean) "Yeargghhhhhh!"
(JA) "Senator, I did exactly as you and Howard said....I gave kickbacks and gifts to Republicans but laundered money to Democrats through the Indian tribes. That way, if it all came out the Republicans look dirty, but the Democrats still get their money.
(Reid) "That was before the mainstream news media had to deal with.....with.... those bloggers!"
(Dean) "Grahgleragh!"
(JA) "The blogworld is not my problem, Senator. I did just as you suggested and now I am having to deal with the fallout. You will just have to do the same."
(Reid) "But we can't afford to be linked with you, the whole idea was to make the Republicans look like crooks, not us!"
(Dean) "They are crooks in Texas, in Ohio, all the way to the White House!"
(Reid) "Howard, shut it!"
(JA) "Harry, you took the money. We thought we had a good thing going and now it's gone. Maybe you can make it into a song."
(Reid) "For that matter, what is it with the black trenchcoat and the hat? Did you forget your violin case? Are you trying to look like a crook?"
(JA) "Sorry, Senator, I'll have to learn how to wear the same two outfits everywhere I go just like you. Is it always blue shirt with black coat and white shirt with gray coat or have you ever tried anything new?"
(Reid) "Let's not get personal! What are we going to do?"
(JA) "Howard is your attack dog, ask him. He's acting like he's afraid to say anything about it."
(Dean) "We are NOT safer under this administration..."
(Reid) "Howard, pay attention, we are talking about this lobbyist kickback scandal. Are you going to do anything about this or are you afraid to wade in?"
(Dean) "Yeaygerowl! I'm not afraid of anything..."
(Reid) "Good!"
(Dean) "..but Bolton's mustache..."
(Reid) "Howard..."
(Dean) "...and Rove's mind-control waves."
(Reid) "Please!"
(JA) "Well, you two figure it out, I have my own problems. But there is something you really SHOULD be afraid of..."
(Reid) "And that would be???"
(JA) "If Hilary ever decides that you ARE the problem!"
(Reid) "(hushed tones) Don't EVER say that name over the phone!"
(Dean) "Uuurugghhhhheaeeeeek!"

-end of transcript-

Official Moonbat Security Agency transcript. Not for distribution.


oriolebird38 said...

We're going to fantasy kings! to myspace! to blogspot! to livejournal! to Xanga! and Angelfire!!!

And then we're going to Washington DC to take back the White House...YEAHAGHAEAHAWERH!!

or not.

Although, to be fair, Dean was shouting over an excited and worked up crowd, and didn't realize his mic filtered out crowd noise. Can't explain the YEARSEHATREA! though...

Hawkeye® said...

Hey Radar, that was pretty funny! I loved Dean's various "sounds". The sign of an intellectual mind, eh? Haha!


Mark K. Sprengel said...


that was pretty good. :-)

Sorry I missed you guys in church I needed more time to work on my car and get the fuel injectors to the shop before they closed. Unfortunately I didnt get up early enough for any of the earlier services.

Simon Peter said...

Now that's pretty funny. Of course, it's also pretty scary that it sounds so lifelike!

radar said...

Oriole, once you make it to the Senate remember anything and everything can become a sound bite. Even YEAHHAHAHAHAHGODODGERSHEEHAYYYYAY!

oriolebird38 said...

you know, just imagine if Howard Dean had won the Presidency (which before the scream was a distinct possibility) and dropped the YEAREHSRASH! I mean, we all remember W's cool, calm, solid reaction to 9-11 (one of the few things I thought he did well). Imagine ol' Deano...