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Sunday, November 12, 2006

America takes the easy way out

The War Against Terror - Most Democrats called for a change in Iraq, some kind of withdrawal schedule or even an immediate pull out.

This election was a reflection of our society. We want instant gratification, we want high-speed internet, we want to believe there is an easy way out. A free lunch. This is why we click on spam emails that promise to enrich us if we will just help some lawyer/doctor/professor/minister in Africa get a few million clams out of that continent. Or emails that promise us a free* laptop. Diets that claim thirty pounds lost in thirty days. That is why so many of us voted the Democrats into power.

We're tired of the fight in Iraq and we want the easy way out. Even though our losses are far less than the enemy, even though we are implementing self-rule in an area dominated by Islamofascists, we want OUT!!!! We don't have the will to finish the job. Cut and Run has won the day. Peace at any cost has won the day.

The terrorists gleefully applauded the Democratic gains. But it isn't that they love Democrats and it isn't because they think all Democrats hate America, or are cowards. It is because they expect the Democrats to find a way to get America out of Iraq before the job is done.

The terrorists have sacrificed much more than we have. They go forth willingly dying to wipe out a few more innocents, to advance their cause of Islamic world domination. They have come into Iraq from across the borders with promises of paradise for their cowardly deaths, or in the case of the leaders, an expectation of great power once the new government is overthrown and they can take over. Certainly the Sunnis who once ruled with Saddam are working to that end.

Islamists from Iran and Syria want us out so they can dominate the region.
Islamists from Palestine want us out to further isolate Israel and hopefully wipe that country off of the map.
Sunnis from within want to bring back the good old days, when Sunnis in with the leadership lived like kings and the rest of the population like serfs.
The Taliban want us out so more of Islam's terror resources can be focused on trying to take back Afghanistan.
Al Queda and related groups want us out so they can have a reliable base of operations to plan new attacks on our soil.
Islamists elsewhere in the region want us out because freedom is an affront to their vision of a world in which Sharia Law rules and all bow to Allah.

How the leaders of terrorism must chuckle when they envision people like John Conyers and Nancy Pelosi seeking to impeach President Bush. Bush is their enemy, the one who has carried the fight to them. In the perfect Al Queda scenario, the Democrats succeed in impeaching the President and/or finding ways to get him to begin withdrawing from Iraq too soon, thus giving Iraq over to Islamic thuggery and religious totalitarianism.


This election was a triumph of selfishness over selflessness. My countrymen voted for people who wish to keep murdering babies in the womb. I consider this to be an evil thing, obviously, and also a remarkably selfish thing. Women are encouraged to kill their children for the sake of convenience. I suspect that 99% of them know they are doing wrong, but since society gives it the stamp of approval they do it anyway.

The vast majority of Democrats support abortion. Abortion today leads to euthanasia tomorrow. Some liberals are already advocating terminating the life of obviously impaired infants. Assisted suicides and "dignified departures" could one day become the kind of policy science fiction writers considered great plot material - maximum age limits, for instance.

A good-sized minority of Democrats support gay marriage. Gay marriage today leads to adult-child marriage tomorrow...oops, sorry, it is already beginning to happen. NAMBLA may not be part of the Democratic Party Platform but you can be sure that NAMBLA votes for Democrats. How long before the 45 year old next door can legally propose to your 10 year old son or daughter?

In some ways this election was a referendum on President Bush. Many fail to see him as a man of courage and conviction and strength. Many who would test far short of the President in an intelligence test call him stupid. Many who have no leadership skills call him dictatorial(!). Many who have accomplished less in their entire lives than the President has in each of his last twenty years call him a failure. Do they long for the wishy-washiness of a Carter again, or another Clintonian poll-watcher instead of a man who seeks to do what is right for his country? I guess so...

My election day

I love election day, the opportunity to exercise a precious right of citizenship and vote! I never miss an election!

My local voting area was busy, and a few of the local candidates were out front being available to visit with voters and answer questions. Republicans and Democrats standing side-by-side, sharing small talk while waiting for voters to approach. I know several of the town, township and county candidates and so spent a few minutes gabbing both before and after voting. In this area, the issues and the personality trump political affiliation in many cases and I, like last time, did not vote strictly for Republicans. I voted for the person I thought best qualified for the job. I vote to keep incumbents in office if they have done a good job, even if the challenger promises me the moon and stars. I vote incumbents out if they haven't, even if it means that my district loses seniority and clout for awhile. I figure bad clout is worse than no clout at all.

My entire family votes except Nathan, who is 14. I found the online sample ballot on the internet and shared it. My wife dug into voting records of some politicians and judges. Us "old people" discussed why and how we were voting with the young'uns but of course we were all free to vote as we would and I didn't even ask them how they voted afterwards.


In retrospect, the spin some Republicans put on the election doesn't move me. Sure, some Democrats ran as moderates, trying to sound like a Republican but yet representing "change" somehow. That kind of thing happens every election. Yes, it is normal for a lame-duck President with control of congress to see his majority shrink or be lost. Didn't mean it had to happen. Finally, I don't buy the false optimism that says "now that they have the control, they'll take the blame if they screw up". If they screw up, that screwup is screwing you and me. Not hoping for that, either.

Nope, I have to believe that the country has told me something - the majority of my fellow Americans are more liberal than I am, at least when discussing the War Against Terror, abortion, and gay marriage. This alarms me and makes me want to work to change their minds. I have to believe in the political process, this representative government of ours, and stay within the system.

Perhaps you are one who voted for the Democrats, for "change". If you were informed on the issues and voted your conscience, I applaud you even if I think you were wrong. If you just voted to screw "Bushchimphitler" I hope you develop a brain someday.

In the end, we are Americans and we get what we vote for. I accept it, like it or not. I am sorry for us all and I hope my more dire predictions fail to come true. God bless America!


highboy said...

I personally would be happy if we took a lesson from Israel. If we had their resolve and willingness to fight terror the way they did, it might well be over soon.

lavaughn42 said...

Radar Wrote:
"The vast majority of Democrats support abortion. Abortion today leads to euthanasia tomorrow. Some liberals are already advocating terminating the life of obviously impaired infants. Assisted suicides and "dignified departures" could one day become the kind of policy science fiction writers considered great plot material - maximum age limits, for instance.

A good-sized minority of Democrats support gay marriage. Gay marriage today leads to adult-child marriage tomorrow...oops, sorry, it is already beginning to happen. NAMBLA may not be part of the Democratic Party Platform but you can be sure that NAMBLA votes for Democrats. How long before the 45 year old next door can legally propose to your 10 year old son or daughter?"

You usually have some interesting arguments Radar, but here your logic just confounds me. Gay marriage leads to what? You are against abortion because it leads to euthanasia?

These paragraphs take a couple true assertions then just jump to these weird conclusions. The gay marriage to adult-child marriage one is particularly weird. Unless of course you are implying all gay people are pedophiles who want to marry 10 year olds...and will gain a signifcantly powerful lobbying group able to sway the legislatures of states to change marriage laws. I don't think anyone but you imagines that happening.

highboy said...

Lavaughn42: Its not that gay marriage leads to adult/child marriages, but that both are evidence of a deterioration of marriage in general. Both are happening, and anyone that thinks either is somehow beneficial to society need their heads checked.

oriolebird38 said...

You need to stop whining about NAMBLA and child sex. Iono if you realize but in America, we need a majority of lawmakers to support a change in legislation. If you honestly think 51% of the American government at any level is going to want to legalize man-boy love, then perhaps you need your head checked.

IS there a fringe group that wants this to happen? Sure. There are also fringe groups on the right that want to kill all gay people, immigrants, and minorities. But I don't know of too many people who are saying that a vote for the GOP is a vote for genocide.

highboy said...

oriole: When stuff like this ceases to happen, then we'll stop whining. And stuff like this as well.

In case you've missed it, its already happening.

radar said...

I am not whining, but in an earlier post I alerted my readers to what NAMBLA was seeking to do. The deterioration of the sanctity of marriage plays into their hands. Of course the vast majority of Democrats don't intend for this to happen but it doesn't matter, their actions have consequences, intended or not.

I am against abortion because it is the murder of innocent lives. I am simply pointing out that as we devalue life in one area that devaluation will have a tendency to spread.

Mazement said...

When you lose an election, it's always tempting to say that it just proves that the American People are a bunch of lazy "sheeple". They secretly know that you're right, but they vote against you because doing the right thing is too hard.

And it's fun to think that. You get to walk around with an air of smug superiority and say, "Just you wait! The terrorists are going to take over because of your mistakes! How happy I'll be when I'm proven right!"

But the truth is that the American people are pretty darned smart and industrious. If you lose an election, it's probably because you couldn't produce enough convincing arguments.

Let's look at the issues you mentioned:

Iraq: The American people would love to win in Iraq. Let's define "win" as "set up a stable democracy that's friendly towards the US and respects the rights of women and racial/religious minorities".

If the situation has deteriorated to the point where we can't win, then the American people would prefer that we don't sacrifice too many more soliders in the process of losing.

Now, be honest. "Stay-the-Course Rumsfeld" could kill a lot of Iraqis, but could he have ever won the war? The current strategy wasn't working. Our next strategy is still up for debate and if anyone has a plan for winning then we'd all just love to hear it.

Abortion: You don't understand the Democrats' position. Democrats are vehemently opposed to abortion.

They just don't think that it's a matter for the criminal courts. They think the best way to reduce abortion is to reduce the need for abortions. (Through education, better access to contraception, better access to day care for working mothers, etc.) I know some of that costs money, but it's a lot cheaper than investigating every suspicious miscarriage and locking people up for the rest of their lives if it seems like their miscarriages might have been intentional.

Gay marriage: I'm not sure why you're complaining, because the anti-gay-marriage referendums passed almost everywhere they were on the ballot...even in states where the Democrats made big gains.

I do think that this is an evolving issue...younger people are more gay-friendly than older ones, simply because they've actually met uncloseted gay people. They can see that they're not NAMBLA members, and that they're not even especially evil. They're mostly just regular folks who want pretty much the same things as everyone else.

So probably we'll see increasing support for gay marriage over the next 20-40 years, unless the opponents can come up with a compelling reason against it. ("The Bible says it's a sin!" isn't a good argument...if you read the Bible the right way, you can interpret it as saying that everyone's a sinner!)

oriolebird38 said...

the laws that allow people to marry kids have been on the books since the creation of the union. Generally, they were written when an agrarian society deemed it necessary. Kids getting married isn't exactly a new occurrance (E. A. Poe married his 13 year old cousin, for instance). The problem is that no one ever bothered to repeal them cause no one thought that it would be a problem. There are a lot of statutes that are archaic but still in existence that no one bothers to enforce them.

However, when someone does actually challenge them (in the cases highboy provided, specifically,) the courts have no choice but to uphold the existing statute. So, why don't the legislatures just re-write marriage statutes so that this doesn't happen? In the Colorado case, there was no statute, forcing the judges to go to English Common Law, which goes back to the middle ages. This problem isn't a result of the gay-democrat agenda. It's just simple lack of attention paid by legislators. Write the necessary bills, solve the problem.

augurwell said...

Quote of the Day
Mark Steyn:

Whatever it started out as, Iraq is a test of American seriousness. And, if the Great Satan can't win in Vietnam or Iraq, where can it win? That's how China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Venezuela and a whole lot of others look at it. "These Colors Don't Run" is a fine T-shirt slogan, but in reality these colors have spent 40 years running from the jungles of Southeast Asia, the helicopters in the Persian desert, the streets of Mogadishu. ... To add the sands of Mesopotamia to the list will be an act of weakness from which America will never recover.
Have lots of kids and teach them to shoot. I'm not kidding.

If worse comes to worse I suggest you put these away for a rainy day. (Give the sites a moment to fully load.)

My choices for liberty....


Well, the majority is wrong and very uninformed as well as being duped by the media.

I heard about David Letterman whimpering 'I just want Americans to stop dieing" This is just hog-wash about 44,000 Americans are killed each year in car crashes - more than 200,000 during the same time we lost about 3,000 in 5 years of war that has made us safer and freed
50 million people. Those who voted Democrat are selfish hypocrits.


Some neat sites:

highboy said...

What augerwell said.