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Friday, November 10, 2006

Joe Btfsplk?

I must have a cloud over my head this last month. Two deaths in the family was difficult, but then I got a freak injury playing basketball that left me with a dangerous infection and the Doctor ordered to be under bedrest. So much for work and for blogging, too. Well, actually Joe was bad luck to others around him, so maybe that is a bad analogy. But I loved Al Capp's Li'l Abner so I will keep it in.

I am avoiding the political post I must make next. The election results were depressing for me but life goes on and I feel a couple of good posts coming. For tonight, laying down with a laptop on my, well, lap, a short post completely alien to politics is in order.

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day. I applaud all who have served and do now serve and thank all of you. Today's military is an all-volunteer organization. There are requirements to be met, both physical and mental, in order to join. One relinquishes many normal freedoms to willingly come under unquestioned authority while in the service. The pay isn't great, but the benefits are quite good and enlistment bonuses and combat zone pay make up for some of that. If you've served you know what I mean when I mention the following:

If it moves, salute it, if it doesn't move, bury it and if it is too big to bury, paint it.
Hurry up and wait.

If you are in I hope your situation is more STRAC than FUBAR and if you are Short, may your last few days fly by safely.

Tomorrow is also the birthday of the Marines. If you see one, don't hug him unless you are of the opposite sex, but by all means thank him for serving. Us Army guys used to get into scraps with Marines when we were stateside, but we all knew the Marines could be counted on in combat and that is very true today.

Anyway, when the shin first got hurt it swelled up to about twice normal size and I had to go to the doctor because it felt like having a toothache being attacked by a blowtorch. But since my new insurance hadn't kicked in, I talked my doctor into holding off doing x-rays and just treating the infection. It was strange, because I had a small infection on my shin from getting scratched up by underbrush while playing frisbee golf. I was kicked on the shin, right on the wound, and it apparently injected the infection into the flesh and bone. Yech! Oddly, my insurance came through a few hours after seeing the doctor so Monday I can get x-rayed to be sure the shin bone wasn't cracked as well. Blah.

The good news is being pampered by my wife! I get meals brought to me on trays and no one complains about me being confined to the new reclining loveseat with my legs up, watching old black-and-white movies and endless NBA games. Yes, I bought League Pass so I can watch Portland playing Denver at midnight. I may not be working, but I can tell you how to spell Thabo Sefolosha without looking. I believe that Thabo is the first NBA player from Switzerland. Now you know.

I will read all the politcally-charged comments and do a political post tomorrow.For now, good night and God Bless our troops!

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