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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Wizbang Weblog Awards

If any of my wonderful readers want to nominate me (modest grin) or any other blog including their own for one of these awards, here is what to do:

*Go to this address

*Pick a category or two or ten

*Vote for a blog or two or ten, etc.

Last year I voted for several favorite blogs and after reading a few new ones I decided it was time to start my own. A few health and family matters slowed me down a bit, but we are going great guns again right now and I really kind of like my blog (someone should!) if I do say so myself.

This year I have already gone there to nominate a couple of blogs I really like. Hey, another chance to vote and this time no party affiliations or negative campaigning!!!!

I suppose you can also go there and post about how much you despise a blog, if you really want. Ha!

This has been a commercial message. Regular posting and answering commenters shall resume this evening...

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