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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Grandpa Alert! Creation post delayed

ARTIST SKETCH ABOVE of the two suspected grandsons, ten and eight years old, at large in the area. If you think you see one of these boys, you live closer to me than you thought!

The expected next post is delayed due to the visit of grandsons, which will take me away from any blogging for a day or two. So I am just quickly posting a list from a friend of mine. You will see the tactics of some of the commenters in the list. This list is on ways the enemy tries to make pastors and other church leaders go off-course. Gee, I am delaying and that is last on the list. But actually I am prioritizing and putting my two cool grandsons over sitting around composing a long blog post. Family before blogging!


1. Making things appear other than what they are
2. This was the primary approach in the Garden
1. Throwing off into side issues
2. Such things as politics, KJV or even good for better, better for best (Satan will not always come with bad things in temptation- sometimes they are good))
1. Getting our attention off what it should be on
2. Can use troubles, anxiety, fear, possessions, ego
1. Getting things out of proportion
2. Making mountains out of molehills, and molehills out of mountains.
1. Making important things seem unimportant
2. Especially does this in the area of sin - makes us make all kinds of rationalizations
1. Concentration on negative factors (why it can’t happen or be done)
2. Discouraged people can’t be blessed because they are not living where God blesses
1. General sense of being down or less than best
2. A more developed sense of discouragement - when discouragement becomes chronic
1. The final result of discouragement/depression, when one gives up hope
2. The final “what’s the use” attitude
1. Driving of wedges between people who ought to be united
2. Does this in families and churches in particular
1. Postponement of what should be done
2. Especially with the unsaved, but this affects the saved also

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