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Monday, May 03, 2010

The closely watched Indiana Senate Race - Marlin wins?

My grandsons Nathan and DJ on left, Peyton and Preston on right. They wound up turning styrofoam chili bowls and little American flags into a couple of flying saucers.

Marlin is on the left, holding Preston. Christy is behind SOMEONE making rabbit ears over Peyton's head. Who was that sneaky young lady?

Website Hoosier Access has a take on the Republican Senate Primary in Indiana -

Indiana Senate Race and Social Media

Since this race is pretty high profile, I sort of had to post social media data for the Indiana Senate race too.

Don Bates Jr.Facebook 1,508 fans – Twitter 139 following, 155 followers

Richard BehneyFacebook 1,518 fans – Twitter 122 following, 266 followers

Dan CoatsFacebook 1,698 fans – Twitter 166 following, 290 followers

John HostettlerFacebook 2,709 fans – Twitter 17 following, 283 followers

Marlin StutzmanFacebook 4,504 fans – Twitter 179 following, 959 followers

Boy, if Facebook friends are any signal of who will win at the polls, this race will be a blowout.


My son Rob on the left and my wife Debbie on the right working tables for Marlin!

I am rooting for my friend State Senator Marlin Stutzman to win, Go Marlin!!

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Hawkeye® said...

Nice family. Go Marlin!