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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is the NAS in the tank for CCX? Global Dumbing makes sense to John Kerry's wallet

From Watt's Up With That (and I hope you looked up the link Hawkeye provided - The Thermostat Hypothesis )

Even if CO2 increased greatly, it is too small a percentage of the atmosphere of the Earth to do much of anything to temperatures. But if you look back at my archives you will see how the CRU fudged their figures and the hockey stick graph. You will also see post after post of weather stations in North America being moved to cause them to give higher temperatures.

So would it shock you that the National Academy of Science is pushing for John Kerry's try at a Cap and Tax bill? Would it shock you that Cap and Tax of any kind would do no good at all, kill American industry, cause energy prices to rise for all and make John Kerry and Barack Obama and Al Gore and their buddies even more millions of dollars?

Do you want your budget to go through the roof like America's? Do you want other jobs to go down the drain, do you want the ten per cent unemployment go to fifteen or even twenty? Is every neighborhood doomed to have foreclosed housing? Two typical posts on the actual behavior of the temperatures of the Earth and one pointed opinion rant at the bottom.

Spencer: Global Average Sea Surface Temperatures Poised for a Plunge

Global Average Sea Surface Temperatures Poised for a Plunge

by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

Just an update…as the following graph shows, sea surface temperatures (SSTs) along the equatorial Pacific (“Nino3.4″ region, red lines) have been plunging, and global average SSTs have turned the corner, too. (Click on the image for the full-size, undistorted version. Note the global values have been multiplied by 10 for display purposes.)

The corresponding sea level pressure difference between Tahiti and Darwin (SOI index, next graph) shows a rapid transition toward La Nina conditions is developing.

Being a believer in natural, internal cycles in the climate system, I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that global-average SSTs will plunge over the next couple of months. Based upon past experience, it will take a month or two for our (UAH) tropospheric temperatures to then follow suit.

By Steve Goddard

As Bob Tisdale pointed out, Tom Karl’s NCDC trend claims don’t match his graph. The trend line is less than either of the claimed V2 or V3 trends in the graph below.

But beyond this blatant error, there are other problems with his graph. Why did it start in 1900? NCDC has data going back to 1880. As you can see below, temperatures dropped from 1880 for about 30 years, which reduces the long term slope considerably.

Now let’s compare his graph vs. Had-Crut, which goes back to 1850. Had-Crut is shown in green, and NCDC V3 is shown in red, at the same scale. Note that there is a huge divergence over the last ten years vs. Had-Crut. The Had-Crut long term trend is 0.45C/century, about half of what Tom Karl is claiming.

It appears that someone is hiding the decline at both ends of the graph.

Brayin Candy sez:


…they LOVE to be greeted in the marketplaces and to have men cal them ‘Rabbi.’ Matt 23:7

Premier Hussain declares at one of his bromides, “at some point you have earned enough.” Never mind the obvious question, since when does anybody in America let alone the President tell anybody they have earned enough? Perhaps he can go to his financiers like $oro$ or the Saudis and tell them they have made enough? How bout he tells most of his cabinet or the congress they have earned enough or how much of his $10 million worth of graft is he going to give away? No this is another one of his statements to allow him to nationalize the banking industry while punishing those who are his enemies. His hypocrisy is highlighted by his involvement w/the Chicago Climate Exchange and the Joyce Foundation, two of the most corrupt organs in the Country.

The CCX was originally formed from an idea developed by Al Gore and Enron’s Ken Lay who was charged w/fraud from an energy scheme. During the late 90’s on a Hawaiian convention Gore worked w/Lay on a Sulfur Dioxide credit scam during the Acid Rain fraud. Enron was a huge energy brokerage house that invented energy credits primarily in Electrical and Natural Gas. They owned large blocks of NG and were looking for a way to increase demand for the NG market and wanted to force the development of NG power plants. The main problem was Coal which was plentiful and cheap. Coal costs around 2 cents per Kilowatt to produce and NG is around 8 cents, not hard to figure which is the right choice. Enron needed a way to increase the cost of coal, enter the Acid Rain hoax.

To drive the cost of coal up they needed to vilify the coal industry and coal generation so the environazis came to the rescue. They used their scientists to do what they do best which is to vilify industries by saying coal plants produced large amounts of sulfur dioxide which stayed in the atmosphere creating acid rain. Never mind there wasn’t any real proof other than a few dead trees and hysteria making those plants the evil villain destroying mother earth as their allies in the Establishmedia magnified their message making coal the producers of acid rain.

Ken Lay and Enron then began the concept of pollution credits for these plants and electrical companies. They would allow a plant to buy extra pollution credits which would be purchased from a company which didn’t produce any sulfur dioxide while Enron took their cut. He and Gore invented this concept which served them in two ways, making them some nice scratch while making coal a bit higher to produce power making Enron’s NG a bit more competitive. They then thought if they could do this w/Acid Rain what if they could do this w/a pollutant which was produced in massive quantities but what pollutant could they find? Hello CO2!

They had to convince America and the world CO2 is a dangerous pollutant but how could they promote such an outrageous fraud? They found a little know study at East Angelia University called global warming which they promoted w/egores Fraudumentary and a cult was hatched. Once the movie was made they found some funding through British Shell and Goldman Sachs then needed to find a way to market their Carbon Credits which is where Obama and the CCX comes into being. Once Fat Al’s movie became a worldwide hit he knew he had a scam which was a multi Trillion $$ industry so all the big players were interested to make him more money than he ever dreamed.

At this point Ken Lay had died from a convenient heart attack and was out of the picture so algore was able to manage this scam himself. Shell was pumping $$ into EAU and other climate research universities as was the federal gummit while Goldman was developing the marketing and brokerage side of this business. Could there be a more lucrative commodity than air? This is the perfect commodity making diamonds out of thin CO2. The gummit saw it as a way to generate unlimited amounts of taxes as well as the ultimate control of its citizens making energy more expensive and forcing people into a more sedentary lifestyle, working more and more for the state. This would force people to live their utopian Soviet lifestyle, five families to an apartment. In addition the raised taxes would be blamed on the evil energy companies while the $$ ends up in the Fed Reserve, the perfect tax. Of course its all to make America less dependent on foreign oil and coal. All the powers were centralized in one place and all they needed was for the people to go along w/the fraud.

Of all the coincidences, obozo was on the Joyce Foundation board at this time passing out grants to his favorite commie agitator causes when up comes a request to fund the newly forming CCX. He was so impressed w/the possibilities of this exchange he granted two startup grants for $1.1 million each. He saw the possibilities of the destruction of this Country through the increasing of energy as well as the destruction of the energy industries,. Even though he had no idea at the time he would be President he got on this train as fast as he could and became a major player in the CCX concept. He was a large proponent in Congress and now is going to push Cap and Kill Capitalism w/CCX being the main exchange for this law.

Right now the CCX is stealing Trillion$ and if Cap and Kill America passes the Sinate like it passed the House it will increase the value 100X. I axed my congresscrook why did it have to pass so quick? He said, “We’ve been working on it for 30 yrs” which tells you how bad the commiecrats want this to enslave us through higher energy costs. It will make algore as well as all their cronies involved w/this fraud instant Billionaire$. After all the lectures Premier Achmed has given on the evils of greed on Wall St, Oil, Auto, Banking and the Rich how is it he has no problem with those involved in this scandalous fraud, stealing outrageous amounts of $$ from the avg Americans. Apparently, “at some point you have earned enough.” are simply words which apply only to his enemies and not to his allies.

Pray for America


Hawkeye® said...

I have never seen a President during my lifetime with such unmitigated gall.

Anonymous said...

"I have never seen a President during my lifetime with such unmitigated gall."

Obama Derangement Syndrome is a terrible affliction.

radar said...

Obama derangement syndrome? That is when Obama is deranged, right? 'Cause we got it!