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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just thought I would try them on for size

Based on what I see, I am either immediately dumping one of these money grabbing thingys. People keep telling me I should "monetize" the blog. Let's see what looks good and what is horrible?

I am trying Adsense and Amazon. I may dump Adsense but Amazon lets me decide to highlight a possible product for a change of pace.

I could probably put one Amazon product at the end of a post and just dump Adsense since I have no control over content.

So probably Adsense hits the road, but I like Amazon and use it to buy mainly used books, new books, music CDs or MP3s and sometimes a gift for a friend or relative.


radar said...

Yes, I killed Adsense immediately. No worries, I am going to only put one Amazon thing on per day as long as something looks interesting. Some days I just won't do it. Business is bad so a few pesos coming in would be nice and it doesn't feed Google.

IAMB said...

Good choice (dumping adsense)... I will always respect only keeping ad companies that give you even a tiny amount if control.

P.S. Congrats on the daughter's forthcoming nuptials.


Hawkeye® said...

Yeah, I tried Adsense too... and dumped it. I kept getting ads for anti-Bush books, t-shirts, and websites. Google is sooo Left.