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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why the delay?

My daughter was born 25 years ago with vsd/asd and interrupted aortic arch.  By happy and incredible turns of events her condition was identified by an expert immediately, giving her a 20 per cent chance of living if surgery was done immediately.  A space age material commonly known now as Gore-Tex was used to make a temporary section of aorta.   But she lost heartbeat and respiration on the table.  She was revived, making her the first known patient with that specific condition to ever be revived from "death" during such an operation.  She was temporarily famous in medical circles.  In the first few years of her life she required heart surgeries and then just before her sixteenth birthday she required a rebuilding of her spine.  We had a sweet sixteen party in her intensive care room with several of her friends.  She was only able to be awake for a short time.

It is tough enough to be a widow with a toddler.  Harder still to do it when your body has been sliced and diced time and time again.  Yet my daughter has been a fighter and has fought on despite challenges based on a belief in Christ and an indomitable spirit.  Naturally I am so very proud of her, the mother of my only granddaughter (I have two grandsons).

Right now she is in the hospital after having severe chest pains and tomorrow goes through a series of cardiac tests.  Can you imagine pondering the death of a child?  At least she can talk on the phone now when she is not resting.  I am going to concentrate on family and not blogging for a day or so.  Once I know she is okay I shall return. 


Anonymous said...

I wish your daughter all the best and hope she makes it through okay. And I wish you all the strength you need.

-- creeper

WomanHonorThyself said...

my dear friend..My prayers are with you and all your loved ones..God bless~!

highboy said...

wow radar you're on the prayer chain right now. we'll have a couple hundred people praying for your daughter within minutes of this post. Bless you.

radar said...

Thank you! Michelle has been checked and has had medications adjusted, no surgeries. Relief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hawkeye® said...

Sorry I'm here so late, but glad to hear that everything is OK.

God bless...